Rule Breaker: Your thoughts on minor + adult love?

There’s one story that’s always being featured: Rule Breaker. The first one I ever read ever since joining. An interesting take on will they/won’t they. But my gripe is the teenager and adult relationship. Was a romance really necessary? What do you think?


Just nope :-1: In regards to romance, teenagers should be with teenagers and adults should stick with adults (for me, adult is anyone who is 18+). An adult should not be engaging in a romantic relationship with anyone who is under age.

I just want to add on, I haven’t read the story so I can’t give a full opinion on it, and I’m only going off what is written in the OP. I also like to believe we have the free will to write what we want on episode, as long as it doesn’t go against the guidelines, but personally, this type of relationship just doesn’t appeal to me, where one is an adult and one is not an adult yet. It just feels…gross?


Hmm, seems weird given it’s a teenager and an adult together…do you know how old they are?

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They’re 18 and 24 respectively.

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lol I read the first chapter, and they’re both adults. But typically young adults and adult-adults are in different stages in life (which isn’t mentioned enough tbh) so I find it hard to understand it. From the bat, I personally think it’s odd, 2 or 3 is fine, but 6 seems iffy, but they are adults yknow…What do you think about it?

Also seems like it’s necessary since they’re the LI and it’s the whole plot lol… unless you mean why make them 24 cause yeah, why


It’s kinda cliched. I’d have been alright with a big/little sibling type of friendship instead.

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Hell no. That’s all I got to say. XD


Honestly, I’d rather get with someone close to their age. 18 is considered to be a young adult moving up to their 20s. But dating someone who is further up their age, not really. I’d rather stick to young adults being in love with other young adults. 18-20s. I’m not talking about minors. @JemU776 said everything perfectly.

That was the first story I read when I opened the app for the first time so… :joy: I really have no comment.
I tried reading back it, but all I remember is how hard I cringed. Because basically everything about it seems so out of place and well, the gem choices smells cashgrab, although it’s not as bad as forcing you to be naked in school or something like that.

As for minor+adult love… Uh, romance? Nah, that’s a bit too much for me. If they’re friends, I’m alright but they’re crossing personal boundaries, boundaries meant to keep teenagers safe, boundaries which outside of it lies responsibility that even some adults couldn’t afford to take on.

So yeah… The story is faulty.

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never read it and am glad I didn’t. XD

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I don’t mind age gap if they both adults though. But since the mc is still in high school, umm…

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Nope. Illegal is illegal, and even where it isn’t illegal it is still very wrong.

I remember reading this story. I was honestly confused, like ‘wait, but if they’re an adult-’ and also it’s like, the LI is the dad’s friend. That was just STRANGE to me. I felt like because I played it WLW it was less weird to me because at the time I hadn’t come to terms with my sexuality and saw an adult womanxunder-aged woman less threatening than a adult manxunderaged woman.

That’s internalized homophobia for you.

Obviously I’ve grown from that spot, and it’s just as wrong. Grooming. Is. Wrong.

The thing about the age gap of 18 and 24 is that when the older person became an adult, the younger person would be 12. A full blown child. Plus, though it’s legal for an 18 year old to date whoever they please (older than 18 ofc) once they turn 18, wether it’s a 20 year old or a 40 year old. It’s definitely odd, but it also definitely depends on their story.

Rule breaker is the epitome of “we did it to break the rules” wether they realize it or not. The LI is supposed to hold back because of how young the MC is, and we see that struggle, but in the end, the LI doesn’t hold back.
But the LI knew the age was a bit of an issue.

Basically it paints those age gap relationships not as a romance but a rebellious act.

When an 18 year old and a 16 or 17 year old date, they most likely met in high school and just one graduated before the other. But 18 and 24? It’s just icky.

Obviously, it’s not illegal. And I won’t shame anyone for enjoying the story (except for shame on you if you like episode originals that much- I don’t know anyone rlly who does) but PSA: be careful out there.

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Nope, please, no. I am almost 40 years old and it actually even feels so wrong to me to read a story of a minor in love with someone of my age. :raised_hands:

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