Rules Around Using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits


This still asking :heart:
Are we allowed to use hidden props or all are forbidden?


This question has already been addressed.


Yup I know! But for props I’d like to ask additionally.


That’s what assets mean. Backgrounds, props, and overlays that are hidden.


I do know what assets are. But about props we’d like to hear clarification. (I’m not the only one)


I think that clarifies that props count as well.


I think the general question regarding props is what ones can’t be used. Sure there are a bunch of hidden ones, but just because the pitch pipe from PP is copyrighted doesn’t mean the butcher knife is.


My understanding is that technically none of them can be used (unless they decide to release them soon) or that it’s at least highly discouraged (which I think it always has been). :woman_shrugging:t4:


What about hidden animations? Idk know if that’s a thing I’ve seen videos about it and never watched them so idk…


Those don’t work as far as I heard :heart:


Exactly :heart:


The animation “shocked” in episode ink is a hidden animation but it works


If so, why did you approve them in the first place?


ANY hidden assets is not approved for public use and should not be used in your stories.


So are y’all gonna release the INK Lipstick prop? What’s the point of having the apply_lipstick animation if we can’t even use the prop because it’s hidden?

The same thing goes for the hidden Limelight Hairbrush prop and primp_brushhair_happy animation.


I’m with Dara.Amarie and many others. We cannot create our own props for our own stories. There is got to be some way that particular suggestion on the forum can be the next project. If you cannot release the hidden props, please ask the team if we may be allowed to create our own somehow? Otherwise, we will only have prop animations with no props that can be use. The point of the animation would be pointless.


This is becoming mess. I mean I get why some of the props and backgrounds cant be used, but people have been using all these hidden things for a long time. Why tell us now? Why let a lot of people use these hidden assets, not saying anything, and then out of the sudden just tell them sorry, you cant, go change your stories.
There are so many threads with list of the hidden props, why no one shutted it down if we arent allowed to use them?
It honestly doesnt make any sense. I have seen a lot of stories featured on shelves that use hidden props/backgrounds, so they must have been reviewed. And I doubt that the team actually told those people to change it, because their stories were featured like that.
Also, some people actually posted that even after this announcement, Episode is still approving hidden backgrounds that were submitted before this announcement.


Yeah, actually… The week I was featured, I had an issue with the champagne glasses, so I submitted a ticket. There was a hidden prop in the same scene and they commented in their reply that it looked like I had a prop that didn’t exist in that scene. Lol. They didn’t tell me to remove it though.


So, do y’all know when you will release those hidden backgrounds.?


They probably won’t. Most of them are from years ago.