Rules Around Using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits

can’t wait for the Episode black market lmao


@Funicidal and @amberh.episode You can use custom backgrounds with Episode assets that you edit for yourself and use in your own stories. You just can’t share them on a public drive. Anyone could technically access that who don’t use them for Episode purposes. That at least is why I would assume we cannot and shouldn’t have been sharing them via a public drive.


@rebecca.stories has made two posts of the hidden backgrounds, if you are on Instagram. :+1:t2:


I’m sorry but this is legit a joke.

What should happen is the editors that make backgrounds and overlays WITH episode assets should put a lock on their drive to request access so they know who the backgrounds are going to. They can look them up on the app to make sure theyre actually on the episode platform before they give access.

This would just get rid of the problem and still keep the backgrounds they created. This is just my opinion and I’m extremely angry about this.

And reguarding the selling of episode assets, only punish them not anyone else.


Hey, @Liz,
how come editors are not allowed to share the backgrounds that they had edited (not hidden backgrounds) on Google Drives to help other authors in the community out? If I am being completely honest, this is absolutely ridiculous. Yes, we understood that we cannot share any Episode Hidden Backgrounds because they belonged to you but telling editors - which they take beyond hours to create – cannot share the backgrounds that they had made on their public Google Drive. This is unfair – many others will struggle to write their own stories because they cannot find any the backgrounds they need (which might have been made by a certain editor --, but, wait, you are not allowing editors to share their drive even though it was allowed for years).

I’m going to be brutally honest: this can result to authors not publishing their stories, or even writing in the first place, because you are restricting their resources. This is absolutely unfair and it makes me consider why I still write on this platform; I don’t understand why you would make a sudden change in the Copyrights Guide (or whatever it’s called). I would like to contiue to write, but i cannot do that because I cannot find the backgrounds/overlays I need (even though there are editors who created/edited backgrounds them for the ones who don’t know how to edit).

I dearly hope you manage to change this, because this whole situation is driving authors and editors insane – editors have been editing for years, they have been making use of their talent and creativity to edit and they were willing to share their pieces of work to the rest.


What if we just share custom backgrounds within the forums instead? It will reduce the chance of people using those backgrounds to make money off of it and it won’t be “widely distributed”. People from outside the episode community won’t even have access to them.


Just what I was about to add.


Okay so not going to lie in being lazy and don’t want to read every comment to understand. Do all of these artists that made backgrounds and overlays need to delete or block their drives as they’re doing so or like everybody’s having a big frenzy over it as long as they have a small Watermark or no watermark they’re fine right cuz I thought the whole issue was the giant Watermark and then using hidden backgrounds in their work I thought that was the issue I’m just confused and when I understand I don’t always comprehend everything I read English correctly so I just want to make sure I’m understanding what’s going


Honestly and respectfully, you @Liz and the whole Episode team members should’ve said this from the very beginning to save all of us some times from this confusing mess and most importantly the editors who took hours and done this for years editing Episode hidden backgrounds or Episode backgrounds and overlays in general which you both approved of even the ones who don’t know how to edit but we’re given access from the editors to use their backgrounds and overlays they created to look different and honestly good.

I understand and believe most people understand that we either authors or editors can not use any hidden backgrounds assets which are completely understandable and fair. But for the fact that it took Episode team members to JUST say this, upset us. Now for the more confusing part, the backgrounds that editors did and share publicly on their Google drive for us to use, as for me (who does not know how to edit, once again.) or those people in that category can’t have access from the editors backgrounds and overlays but ONLY they can use it for their story because they edit their backgrounds and overlays. So basically the non editors have to continuously have to use ONLY Episode backgrounds and overlays for their stories instead of using editors backgrounds and overlays.

So if the editors can use Episode backgrounds and overlays by editing them and changing it up however they want only for their stories. But doesn’t that mean what copyright, I guess even though they changing up the design/ colors? Not bashing at them at all but I’m just trying to understand here on what’s the differences.

I may be absolutely wrong and very confusing at this point and I do want to be able to understand this clearly. So by all means, correct me if I am wrong.


I still think that we can share drives on forums, but the thing here is that Episode can’t decide how it is supposed to be, and what is forbidden within themselves. They just keep posting contradicting information and cause chaos, that is beyond annoying at this point.


I’m guessing that Episode doesn’t want people to use episode edited backgrounds outside of Episode. So like taking the school hallway background and then making an edit and selling it. I feel like editors should make it so if a person wants to enter an editor’s drive they have to DM them saying that they want to use the backgrounds for Episode purposes. This might reduce the number of people stealing episode assets.

Or we could use @ViviOfficially’s idea of having background sharing only on the forums. On Instagram anyone can stumble across and editors linktree and take backgrounds but if they were to go on the Forums there would be more of a chance of them wanting to use those backgrounds for Episode purposes.


I’m literally over this whole Episode thing. I don’t really see any difference on sharing your Google drive on Episode forums but not share your Google drive publicly on Instagram to those who are part of the Episode Community. I feel like is still going to be the same statement as going forward of sharing your Backgrounds/ overlays on the Google drive for those to have access to it on the Episode forums if that make sense.

And @MoreTeaMustBeSpilled
I understand what you’re saying but then again, I feel like Episode will make that same statement of not publicly share your Google drive on Instagram but suppose they say the same on here as well.

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If you’re limiting us with backgrounds can you at least please release more that we can use without consequences and without breaking the TOS?

Also, Liz if you see this can you please answer my question from above? Thank you.


So… y’all can blatantly steal other people’s stories and profit off of them (remember Kiss List?), but when the generous members of this community want to share their talents for free, there’s a problem? The backgrounds/overlays these editors produce inspire and motivate us to put out content, content that ultimately makes you money. This is a bad move.

Idea: why can’t there be a giant PM group on the forums where people can share backgrounds with other authors strictly for Episode use and Episode use only? I can sort of see the issue with sharing them publicly, but to shut what’s been going on for years down completely and with seemingly no chances of a compromise… again, bad move. At least if there was a PM on here, the mods could keep track of everything(?).

This is all so confusing and disappointing :sweat:


I’ve tried to send an email earlier today to Episode regarding this issue, but the email address that I managed to find on the terms of service page seems to be incorrect.

Contact Us:

For all correspondence, please email us at

Anybody know how to even contact the team except from here at the forums?

Yes, individuals can use edited Episode assets in their own stories. Edited assets should not be shared publicly via drives - this goes against the “personal use” policy.

People who have public drives do not have to remove their drives, they only need to remove backgrounds, overlays or other assets that contain Episode art assets. Drives with original art works and assets are totally fine.


Hi Liz, does this mean we are allowed to share edited backgrounds with Episode assets on the forum?

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No. You simply can’t use or share Episode Assests ANYWHERE. Not on Instagram, Google drive or the forums.

you can edit just for yourself and use just in your stories. you can’t share theses BG’s with others.

This is my ironic response, because I feel frustrated, disappointed and not satisfied, even though I never used Episode assets in my backgrounds (we’ll only in one and that’s gonna stay for my personal need).

But ironically, tell me… how satisfied are you with these “news”?

  • I feel blessed!
  • I feel like taken away the right to write.
  • I’m completely immune.
  • I’m sad, disappointed…

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