Rules Around Using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits


So… y’all can blatantly steal other people’s stories and profit off of them (remember Kiss List?), but when the generous members of this community want to share their talents for free, there’s a problem? The backgrounds/overlays these editors produce inspire and motivate us to put out content, content that ultimately makes you money. This is a bad move.

Idea: why can’t there be a giant PM group on the forums where people can share backgrounds with other authors strictly for Episode use and Episode use only? I can sort of see the issue with sharing them publicly, but to shut what’s been going on for years down completely and with seemingly no chances of a compromise… again, bad move. At least if there was a PM on here, the mods could keep track of everything(?).

This is all so confusing and disappointing :sweat:


I’ve tried to send an email earlier today to Episode regarding this issue, but the email address that I managed to find on the terms of service page seems to be incorrect.

Contact Us:

For all correspondence, please email us at

Anybody know how to even contact the team except from here at the forums?


Yes, individuals can use edited Episode assets in their own stories. Edited assets should not be shared publicly via drives - this goes against the “personal use” policy.

People who have public drives do not have to remove their drives, they only need to remove backgrounds, overlays or other assets that contain Episode art assets. Drives with original art works and assets are totally fine.


Hi Liz, does this mean we are allowed to share edited backgrounds with Episode assets on the forum?


No. You simply can’t use or share Episode Assests ANYWHERE. Not on Instagram, Google drive or the forums.


you can edit just for yourself and use just in your stories. you can’t share theses BG’s with others.


This is my ironic response, because I feel frustrated, disappointed and not satisfied, even though I never used Episode assets in my backgrounds (we’ll only in one and that’s gonna stay for my personal need).

But ironically, tell me… how satisfied are you with these “news”?

  • I feel blessed!
  • I feel like taken away the right to write.
  • I’m completely immune.
  • I’m sad, disappointed…

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i don’t necessarily care for hidden backgrounds, editors are taking the assets taken from hidden backgrounds out of their custom backgrounds. they’re not even allowed to own google drive’s (that they do not make profit off of) since it is a violation of the terms of service. but people have owned google drives for months now, i don’t understand why they’re just now enforcing them.

however, it has been taken way out of proportion, i will admit that. however, that doesn’t change what i’m saying. episode says that distributing is allowed, but they go and tell people to take down their google drives? i truly do not see how it’s affecting them at all. they edit episode backgrounds, yes (and if the backgrounds are hidden, they take the things in the hidden background out of the background anyway) but they’re making not one ounce of profit out of any it. but if they are, which they’re not, i’d totally understand.


absolutely blessed!!


you, my friend, are absolutely correct


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I’m honestly fed up with this. I don’t like the new guidelines at all because I think it’s not fair to both editors and authors😒 what if everybody within the episode community left?


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I’m not a background editor, but I still wanna have a say in this.

Okay, Episode, why was this all suddenly brought up just now in 2019? I mean, when the forums were born, that could’ve been a great time to enforce this rule instead of right now. Backgrounds are a huge part of our stories and help us tell them to our readers. Personally, I find the other backgrounds of other artists astounding. It gives me the motivation to write and the fact that that right to make backgrounds and sharing them to make others happy is being taken away? My writing life on Episode is ruined.

I just don’t get it. Why only say this now? That’s what I keep questioning. You may see us all complaining and think it’ll pass over time, but background editors have dedicated time to making art for the community. Now, we the community, we’re the reason why Episode is probably a great game now with all the feedback we’ve given, although sometimes you don’t listen, it’d be great to listen as of now. Backgrounds help us tell stories and if you take that away from us, I don’t think a lot of people would wanna write anymore.

Let me pretend that I am a customer that is actually paying and let’s say it cost money to play Episode, I’m sure you’d wanna listen and at least give us a way to share our backgrounds with others. It makes us happy.

That’s al I have to say. Please, @Liz, try and do something for the Episode Community.


So basicly we can’t share things we made? You know the thing that makes this community so much fun @Liz ?


Y’all check @RudeInception insta story!


and make sure you sign the petition she started!

I’m so disappointed over this!


Does this include just having the link to your Ko-fi in your drive? :thinking:


What’s the petition for?