Rules Around Using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits


Distribution doesn’t just mean distributing for profit though. You must understand this key component.


Hey can someone explain it to me in a very easy way? because I don’t think that I really get it? are we not allowed to create backgrounds anymore that are episode related? and if we uploud a background to the portal we created ourself does this mean we can’t share that background because episode gains the official rights ?


Well others should’ve read terms of agreement as well.

TBH, Episode was too kind to let us do this stuff for years. So this wave of shit, and especially from persons who WERE sharing hidden and not so stuff stuff (and we know who I am talking about), is just making me mad.


You can create edited backgrounds and overlays,.
You can ask a friend to do it for you.
You can upload them.
You can’t use Episode unreleased stuff, including backgrounds, props etc.
You can’t share your edited backgrounds openly, on drive or on Forums or anywhere else.


You can create backgrounds for your own personal use. :slight_smile: Basically, just don’t share anything where you’ve edited the art (backgrounds + overlays) that is made available by them in the art catalogue. Those are Episode’s assets, so they own copyright to them.


You can’t use assets from Episode published Backgrounds!


You can.


No!!! That’s why I’m disturbed! There’s Arlene’s statement above. And also Liz’s clarification.


Literally the first post. Why you people can’t just read before assuming?


Yeah but only for yourself! What about those who can’t edit?


Well as I said, if you can’t edit - find the person who can do it for you. We have art section and it is SO DAMN EASY to find someone to do it for you.


You do realize that many editors make backgrounds that don’t use Episode’s assets right? There are so many platforms available.


I’m one of those, so yeah I know. But that doesn’t mean I don’t respect others and their work.


What does it has to do with respect?


Oh come on!! How many backgrounds must be deleted now? Isn’t that ashame?


What backgrounds are being deleted dear?


No backgrounds have to be deleted, fam.

Backgrounds and shish just can’t be “widely distributed” like…through a drive…or through…like shared like that, ya know? You can make edits and backgrounds with/for your friends and stuff, nothing has to be deleted.

You just can’t take backgrounds from public drives


I personally deleted a bunch of hidden and that’s it.


Those custom made of Episode assets, hidden or published. :woman_facepalming:t4: Work, time, sweat., all erased with this rule.