Rules Around Using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits


Well if you don’t want to do extra work - read TOS for example…

I wasted a lot of my time on this stuff as well, but I can only blame myself.


Episode hasn’t released a specific statement requiring us to go back into our stories and replace backgrounds, yet. However, although this is unfortunate it’s not a new rule and this could have been avoided if everyone just read the TOS.


It definitely sucks, but this is a legal thing. Episode could get in a lot of trouble if they continued to allow users to keep certain drives up at this point and they know it.


Wasn’t there actually a thing I think Arlene said that if you have your backgrounds up already, it’s whatever, probably, you might be asked to take it down if it is one of those backgrounds, but “authors that have used it in previous chapters/episodes/stories won’t be punished for it”

100% sure I saw something like that somewhere


When reviewers come upon the story which uses anything hidden, they’ll notify author to take it down.


Yep. I know I saw this somewhere too. If they manage to see it, then you might be asked to take it down. But as for now asking people to replace previously used backgrounds is very tedious and ridiculous. So it’s not expected of anyone.


And it is completely reasonable. No one will ban your story. And they don’t go around sneaking and looking for them u know.

So yeah, Chill people and be more respectful.


Well, yeah. And they should. Hidden stuff is against the TOS, but as for the other “agh! My stuff’s all gotta go!” No, not all of it. But you should have followed the rules to begin with shrugs


I would like a clarification about the tappable overlays? I honestly dont think it is one of the “hidden” stuff like @CoraMae said, it is in beta testing so I think we are safe to use it, but clarification would be nice.

Dont spread unconfirmed assumptions people. It will only make people panic even more.


I don’t claime they’re not allowed. I just assume, since they were not given to us by Episode.


I actually said assumptions :woman_shrugging:t3:


Why, why, why wasn’t this enforced from the start?! Why let it continue on for so long? If this had been enforced from the start we would not be in this situation right now.


Because we all know Episode only cracks down on things when there’s the possibility that they’ll be in legal trouble


People getting free access to backgrounds and overlays for years…

Why r u unhappy?


Yeah, and they actually follow backgrounds editors, like literally people who only edit backgrounds and share them in their drive, some of them don’t even have stories, there’s no other reason why they follow them.

Quite funny lol


I think they follow them to keep track of them, so if the editors start doing commissions for the backgrounds episode would know.


Right! Like you knew what was going on the whole time episode…


I’m just confused, and trying to understand, why episode let it continue for so long if this has always been against the guidelines. Like, why not enforce it from the start?


The background commission thing is very new, they followed a lot of editors before it was even a thing.


They were there right from the start. But I assume it wasn’t that big of a problem. Maybe they found people using these assets outside the Episode so decided to close this thing,