Rules Around Using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits


If the person isn’t profiting on their work, their help (sharing edited bgs and overlays) just brings the community together. I don’t get it.


what about the website
do they get to keep the backgrounds up on that website? because most of the backgrounds include episode assets…

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This is wrong in so many ways, there are loads of us who can’t edit pictures and rely on others and their drives as there simply isn’t enough variation in the art catalog. Any picture I have used from a drive I have never paid for, I just give the artist credit, surely that’s allowed? And if it isn’t why don’t you upload all pictures from drives that use episode stuff so that we can use them or make more stuff yourselves and upload new backgrounds more often?


I know right, all the images I have gotten from drives have never been paid for, I just give credit. I don’t see an issue with that.


So, wait. Do we have to go through and remove all the hidden props too?


unfortunately yes.


Geez. What a mess


Our creativity is going to be stifled this way.
Episode was much more lenient and fair in the past, in my opinion, and I honestly feel the changes happened when INK came out.


I have experience on anything art related or editing so I’m not completely affected as a writer. Cause I can just whip out a new background for myself. But that’s going to make each process on doing each chapter more time consuming. But as writers I’m sure we want to finish each chapters as fast as we can for our readers. Coding takes centuries, so imagine adding the time to make backgrounds for certain scenes for your story. But I feel like the writers with little to no artistic/creative background are more likely to suffer more cause they can’t provide themselves backgrounds.


I’m sorry but that’s pretty dope. Kudos to that creator. Maybe if episode would’ve thought of this, she wouldn’t be making money off of it :woman_shrugging:t6: .

Reminds me of the Sims community. Do you know how many patreon accounts of Sims content creators exist? Many. Users tend to create better stuff than the actual company and you know what, the Sims company doesn’t mind that people are making money off altering their stuff and even creating animations and mods for their games. In fact they support content/mod creators and promote them and create events where they can gather and experience newly released stuff. That’s smart marketing because these content creators have huge followings, which in return boosts sales for the game.

The effect this is going to have on writers and content creators of Episode is sad. Where are users suppose to get backgrounds from that match the style of episode? Especially since I’m hearing from content creators that they can’t share their stuff with a mass amount of people even if it’s on Episodes platform. I hate reading a story with an episode character on a real life background. It’s an eyesore. And writing stories on Episode is already limiting due to the limit of animations, clothes and backgrounds. Now that content creators/editors can’t mass share their edits, it’s going to be even more limiting.

Y’all barely release backgrounds frequently enough for us not to seek it elsewhere and even resort to paying for it. Why not work with these creative people to make Episode a better experience for all users and to boost the amount of users via their following . Do background making contests, invite them over for a creators day, create programs or platforms that allows them to make backgrounds for Episode and Episode alone. For example, Sims have the build a world tool/program.

Rant ended.


It’s fine as long as it get’s approved. If it doesn’t get approved let Alexa.episode know. So that she can fix it. She just has to make the watermarks smaller or put them in a different place. That’s my understanding anyway.


After I ragequit the forums & Instagram updates regarding this situation yesterday, I sought console in the Sims lol.

I agree completely.


I am a huge Sims player myself and I 100% agree.

Sims custom content creators never claimed complete credit for their work and often their work improved the games so much (I mean, Sims 3 modded is a dream).

If Episode applied these principles, they could get a better following. By stifling creators “creative” flair, they’re going to lose fans and money in return.

If this was applied like it is now, at the beginning, this issue wouldn’t even exist. They let it continue on for so long and now people have experienced custom backgrounds which makes normal backgrounds lack in comparison.

Rant over.


As a fellow simmer, this was beautifully said. It’s beautiful how EA and sim gurus embrace modders. They even have items named after popular mods! That’s appreciating their community.


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The big difference between any actual gaming community and an app community, though, is that these apps we’re using belong to this company in a way where we can’t mod or add our own custom content in such a way as with PC games. Companies that do real gaming, because no app on your phone is anything like real gaming, have created all their things with programs often from scratch. They use models and textures all of their own creation.

Like, I’m just gonna throw a random one out there, modders would use a program like Zbrush and create their own Z file and then load it into their launchers. Episode isn’t NEARLY as complicated, and we should be grateful we’re allowed to have our own overlays and backgrounds to begin with.

Modders would use notepad probably to create a script file to upload into their games to change stories or whatever they’re changing with that, or they could do weather mods with HDRIs, like…Episode has nothing to do with any of that…

Now with these mods, these mods are created FOR THOSE GAMES. The things we’re using for Episode are made with Episode in mind, BUT these things can be used ELSEWHERE, that’s why it is a problem and not comparable.

So, to like summarize, things we create for Episode can’t be shared because you can use Episode assets we create for other things and that’s illegal copyright stuff.

Mods for real gaming, like on the sims are MADE FOR THE SIMS, and it can’t be shared except for to be used ON THE SIMS.

Hope that’s clear enough >.>


yes, it was on @ amepisode’s instagram story


Sorry, I’m really confused. Can someone explain to me why people are saying no one is allowed to use edited backgrounds in their stories anymore? It says we are allowed to edit Episode assets? Am I missing something? Why is everyone upset?
Again, sorry I just want to know if I’m reading this right.


We are not allowed to share edited backgrounds with episode assets through a drive.
We can edit episode backgrounds (but only for ourselve) but not share on platforms like instagram or facebook.
That’s why everyone is upset.


Oh okay! Thank you that clears things up. :grin:
That sucks though.