Rules Around Using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits


I highly recommend reading the terms of service fully before posting claims like this as it can cause major unnecessary uproar in the community. Section 7 defines what constitutes “Your Content” and can help with defining what exactly the Terms of Service mean.

Also, Liz has already explained below:

So basically, Don’t sell content that you have created with the use of episode assets.


I read them fully.


To be fair, I wasn’t actually told to shut down my drive, I was told I wasn’t allowed to share Episode edited backgrounds, or those with Episode assets on a public drive. So now, I have a drive with backgrounds, it just doesn’t have ones with Episode assets anymore and I just don’t make backgrounds with Episode assets anymore. Except for my personal use x


And here I thought I could not possibly like you more.


throws my 2 cents in omg same!! :slight_smile:




Would be nice to know which are the hidden AKA forbidden backgrounds we shouldn’t use :slight_smile: Because I might be using hidden backgrounds but is unaware they are hidden and it would suck getting my story removed as soon I publish it without knowledge to why :upside_down_face:


Go to @/Rebecca.stories Instagram she shows which ones are the hidden backgrounds


Ok, time to delete my story. Yay! :crazy_face:
(My story uses mostly hidden assets. Like 85%)


Oh my good luck :new_moon_with_face:


I’m not sure why we have the sing_microphone_dance_energetic_loop animation if we aren’t allowed to use the hidden microphone prop. There’s a weirdly microphone-shaped chunk missing from the character’s hand.


Ohhhhhh I understand now, so your basically saying yes we can use our own edits and backgrounds etc, but we can’t sell them or advertise them.
If there is a big watermark that means this is not free and that the image belongs to someone so we are not allowed to use it, nor are we allowed to use hidden assets that are not on the background section from episode. Everything is basically the same and normal just a few restrictions. Is this correct, what i have said or not?


Yes, you’re correct. Although none of this is actually new, it’s just Episode have now started enforcing this.


It is because Episode doesn’t want Episode-related stuff to be used on other things that aren’t Episode. Like, so if you found an Episode background edit somewhere on the net because someone shared it, and then someone not affiliated with Episode at all liked it, and took it for their uses…yeah, that kinda deal. X’P


I suppose that makes sense. But what about sharing edited backgrounds on an Episode platform? (Here.) Is that allowed? Or is that “a scale beyond personal use”?


Well…my thread hasn’t been closed yet and it has been pretty public for a while, so shrugs

Widely distributing on a google drive isn’t okay, but on these forums, for other authors, it doesn’t seem to be a problem so far.

I think it isn’t allowed as like edited backgrounds, my stuff is overlays from what’s already an episode background, like stair railings and whatever. When you change a background to suit your personal story, that probably can’t be distributed even on the forums because it should be specific to your own story.


Hmm. There are a lot of highly active threads sharing edited Episode backgrounds that haven’t been closed yet. It’s a shame. People put so much work into them, and a lot of stories wouldn’t be possible without sharing edits. I can see why they wouldn’t want those things on floating around in public drives or sites like Instagram, but I think it’s unfortunate that they can’t be shared on an Episode-owned site. I guess the idea is that the forums are public, so it still counts as wide distribution.

Does anyone know what happens if they decide you are using a background you aren’t supposed to? Do they just erase the entire story, or would it be flagged so you can remove the offending material and republish it? I don’t THINK I’ve used anything forbidden, but this whole situation is confusing, and now I’m worried.


They’ll ask you to remove it if they find out that the background came from a drive.

OH! You can also still get edited backgrounds from other people, like ask people to make edits for you and stuff. ^^ I just think when you give it to them, you gotta do it like…in a PM I guess? That way it isn’t public :smiley:


Wait, so when I do art requests, and it’s a character edit, i have to PM them privately to show them? Because I usually post the finished requests in public on my art thread…


Nah nah nah, not art requests. Like edits of backgrounds and overlays and stuff. For art requests, I’m sure the restriction is that you can’t sell stuff if episode art is used in your art, like tattoos and whatnot