Rules Around Using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits

Yeah, as long as it doesn’t have any copyrighted material in it or violate any other terms, that would be allowed.

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Good to know, thankss!!

If only there was a place where editors would be able to upload Episode’s edited assets, it will be the a place where redistribution is allowed and of couse it would be for personal and non-commercial use. Please make a portal for community to share the creativity like otherrs have suggested, it would be greatly beneficial for us.
I think the only issue would be when non-episode assets are used with Episode’s assets, but we can work with this am sure. And anything is more helpful than nothing. :disappointed_relieved:


People who are complete outsiders of the Episode and the community can get a hold on Episode products without knowing the original artist - the Episode artists that REALLY created the backgrounds here and not us who simply edit it. Some people in and out of Episode could claim Episode products, which is theft. Episode is letting it known that we should be respectful enough to prevent that since it’s not fair to the original artist.

We can edit and share but as long as it is only on the Episode forum by creating threads, like cinnamon_toast and many others, in order to provide more edits to people who want to use your content. Also, you CAN use and share your drives IF AND ONLY IF YOU GENUINELY CREATED THE PRODUCTS – hand-drawn and self-made-- NOT edited content. That’s what I take from it.


Hi! What about backgrounds that I bought and therefore have license over them?
Can I upload them? If so how can I note Episode about it?

Crisp and precise.
Delivers what it aims to.
Really informative,

Episode needs to create more backgrounds then. Y’all release new backgrounds once every 20 years then complain when people find different routes to get more. People getting tired of seeing the same shit over and over is what created the need for everyone to go out and get creative with backgrounds. So while the rules are clear and not asking for too much, episode should do more on their end to provide better art for their users to play with. :roll_eyes:


Glad to see this is working out well.

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Damn. People really lost they minds after seeing this.

Shows how bad this community is.


Hey I have a problem with episode backgrounds it says it’s way to small how can I add them?? They’re car backgrounds

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Thanks sweety💗

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No problem :heart:

Download it from creator’s drive directly or contact the creator :heart:

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I resized it thanks :heart:

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Wait does that mean we’re not allowed to buy art from artists like NightyKot?

You can, since she does art in her style-
I think

Is making your own background with Episode assets okay to use for episode-related cases too?
For example, I made an apartment background, I used Episode’s INT. BUILDING - DAY for the bg outside of the window- then I posted it in my drive for EPISODE AUTHORS to use. Is that okay?

You can edit Episode backgrounds for yourself and your stories, but you cannot put them in a public drive for distribution. It’s just the putting a drive part that is no longer allowed


What if I make backgrounds that DON’T HAVE ANY EPISODE BG PARTS then share it to the public?