Rules Around Using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits


@ItarraAki here is the specific part with that ^^

Also, this

^ stuff with Episode assets can’t be sold to people, but you can give it to people if they’re going to be personally using it for their stories and stuff.


ahhhh okkk thank you!!


Sharing your backgrounds on the forums is allowed as it’s not defined as “wide distribution”. Also, there’s a category solely for Art Resources.


I am kinda confused here… What exactly are hidden props? Are we not allowed to use lipstick and microphone with animations now?


No, we are not. :frowning:

A “hidden” prop would be one that isn’t available to preview in the portal menus, even if it will display in a story.


But that’s stupid though… The character will be applying lipstick but there will be no lipstick in hand… how can someone apply lipstick without actually having one? :woman_facepalming:


Hmm you can always use a different type of overlay maybe


But it wouldn’t be able to move like the lipstick prop, right?


I think it can since you can layer it and move it


Yeah, it makes no sense. I don’t know Ink very well, but in limelight there’s a microphone shape cut into the character’s hand for a microphone animation… with no microphone. It’s absurd.


I’m confused. Does this mean I can use the backgrounds created by ShellyG, PamelaC and other bg creators like these or not?


So can we still edit Episode backgrounds and use that for our stories? Sorry I’m still confused as ever (I kinda forgot)


The second one is a hidden background, so that’s a no go for sure. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think you would proooobably be OK with the first one, as it seems one-to-one sharing of background edits is OK, and no one can argue for sure that’s not how you obtained it. It seems to be the people sharing the edits on public drives and Instagram accounts etc. that are in violation of the rules. I’m not sure how this applies to sharing on the forum threads, though.

Honestly, I think it’s fair that you are confused. This announcement clears up some things, but it also creates a lot of confusion in other ways…


But what about the first one? Am I okay to use it?


Another question, let’s say a background which everyone is allowed to use, like INT. PHILADELPHIA BEDROOM - DAY for example. If that background is edited and some things are tweaked (eg: the walls, decorations, windows etc.) would I still be allowed to use it? Because most of the backgrounds I have are edited but I’m confused as to if I’m allowed to use them or not.


Could @Liz or someone else officially affiliated with Episode weigh in on whether sharing (non-hidden bg) edits on forum threads is considered “sharing/producing on a scale beyond personal use.” I apologize if I’ve missed this somewhere in the 650+ comments, but it’s not clear to me from the OP. I can see why they’d crack down on sharing assets on non-Episode sites to eliminate their circulation on the internet beyond use for the app, but I feel like everyone on the forum is likely saving these edits for personal use in Episode stories, so it’s not intuitive to me that this would be a violation.


Yea this basically says no edits unless episode gives permission for you to do so. A few sections detail what Episode permits to be edited and how it can be used. I know I ranted above. That’s what happens in the moment so I apologize lol. Now that I know more I completely get it: They don’t want people making money off their hard work or using for things that could reflect the opposite of what they stand for. I wouldn’t either.

As sad as I am about losing free premade edited backgrounds, I understand now. @Episode please bless us with a large variety of backgrounds and furniture overlays (Please let at least one of them be a male bedroom that our characters would be able to lay correctly in aka a side view of a bed).



My takeaway is that you can personally edit backgrounds Episode has published, but you can’t share them publicly via a drive or anything. So if you want to edit one of the bedrooms that’s fine, but it can’t be shared with others.
When it comes to using backgrounds others have edited and posted on public drives, that’s not allowed, unless there are NO episode assets used in them. (Think @lonewolfe’s drive, who has original backgrounds).

I think, anyway. @Liz?


All I can say that Liz told me we are not allowed to even share it on the forum.