Rules Around Using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits

Oh, for sure! I appreciate your thoughtful response, and I think you make several good points. Ultimately, I’m not convinced, but my ability to remain unconvinced is probably meaningless, as Episode clearly has already made their decisions, and it’s pretty far from what I suggest.

I suppose for me I have trouble seeing why the degree of trust Episode has for its community by allowing us to access assets through the portal would not be extended to a section of the forum with limited public accessibility which they themselves moderate.

My example of the edit pulled from DMs was meant to show that these scenarios would still lead to the to the public sharing of Episode assets… less meant to comment on violations of editor trust, though those editors would of course be within their rights to be annoyed by this kind of dishonesty.

If Episode is giving users access to assets (via the portal) to produce their own content, they are already opening themselves up to the possibility of dishonest people exploiting that. I suppose I see the designation between “we trust people who pull our backgrounds from the portal” and “we don’t trust people who pull our backgrounds from our moderated forums” as somewhat flimsy. The only solution that really insulates them against exploitation of assets would be flat-out doing away with the ability of users to create their own content, which would be a terrible move. As it stands, they open themselves to certain risks already, so I guess that’s why I don’t see the forum scenario as particularly more risky.

I can understand where you’re coming from.

I guess the reason I’m not particularly moved by the decisions Episode makes is that at the end of the day, they’re a business. Of course, they care about keeping us happy, because they retain customers and generate revenue for themselves. But as a business, they still want to protect their own assets. So, that means considering any and all hypotheticals. I

Sure, they have opened themselves up to risks with their portal, but it’s clear that they’re making efforts to regain control. You can edit Episode backgrounds for personal use, meaning for yourself and a few friends. It becomes an issue when you widely distribute it and/or sell it. Right now, they’re focusing their attention on making sure this doesn’t continue to happen.

Having a forum would slow down these efforts and make it more difficult to control. They’ve already realized the risks they’ve opened themselves up to, and they’re taking the best courses of action that could prevent something like this from happening again. That’s why I doubt they would make a private forum for something like this.

I understand that, but my point still stands. Basically, I believe your scenario has the potential to trigger an emotional response from the editors; causing them to snitch on the person, or make them get rid of it. I know I would. Furthermore, one-on-one sharing could probably slow down this kind of thing. If I shared an edit I made with a friend, I catch them promoting it on their drive on Instagram, you can bet that I will demand that they take it down before more people open up the link. There will definitely be people that will do this with one-on-one sharing, but it will be easier to catch than one person distributing it widely.


Yeah, ultimately, that is what it comes down to. And I do understand why they would want to protect their copyrighted material. I don’t think that’s an unreasonable concern for them to have at all. It seems like any system they come up with has shortcomings, as the goals to (1) keep the community happy and (2) to protect their intellectual property often won’t align very easily. To some extent, whatever proverbial line in the sand they draw will, depending on one’s perspective, seem like it could just as easily be nudged in one direction as it could another.

Can peeps be able to use their own background they made themself or not??

Yeah, as long as it doesn’t have any copyrighted material in it or violate any other terms, that would be allowed.

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Good to know, thankss!!

If only there was a place where editors would be able to upload Episode’s edited assets, it will be the a place where redistribution is allowed and of couse it would be for personal and non-commercial use. Please make a portal for community to share the creativity like otherrs have suggested, it would be greatly beneficial for us.
I think the only issue would be when non-episode assets are used with Episode’s assets, but we can work with this am sure. And anything is more helpful than nothing. :disappointed_relieved:


People who are complete outsiders of the Episode and the community can get a hold on Episode products without knowing the original artist - the Episode artists that REALLY created the backgrounds here and not us who simply edit it. Some people in and out of Episode could claim Episode products, which is theft. Episode is letting it known that we should be respectful enough to prevent that since it’s not fair to the original artist.

We can edit and share but as long as it is only on the Episode forum by creating threads, like cinnamon_toast and many others, in order to provide more edits to people who want to use your content. Also, you CAN use and share your drives IF AND ONLY IF YOU GENUINELY CREATED THE PRODUCTS – hand-drawn and self-made-- NOT edited content. That’s what I take from it.

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Hi! What about backgrounds that I bought and therefore have license over them?
Can I upload them? If so how can I note Episode about it?

Crisp and precise.
Delivers what it aims to.
Really informative,

Episode needs to create more backgrounds then. Y’all release new backgrounds once every 20 years then complain when people find different routes to get more. People getting tired of seeing the same shit over and over is what created the need for everyone to go out and get creative with backgrounds. So while the rules are clear and not asking for too much, episode should do more on their end to provide better art for their users to play with. :roll_eyes:


Glad to see this is working out well.

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Damn. People really lost they minds after seeing this.

Shows how bad this community is.


Hey I have a problem with episode backgrounds it says it’s way to small how can I add them?? They’re car backgrounds

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Thanks sweety💗

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No problem :heart:

Download it from creator’s drive directly or contact the creator :heart:

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I resized it thanks :heart:

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Wait does that mean we’re not allowed to buy art from artists like NightyKot?