Rules Around Using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits

What if I make backgrounds that DON’T HAVE ANY EPISODE BG PARTS then share it to the public?

You can share backgrounds thay don’t have Episode assests

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Wow okay! Thank you!

nice writeup i guess…

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very captive post!!

I find these hidden backgrounds confusing. Is there a list of what backgrounds are hidden somewhere? I didn’t know about this before this debate started and I’m not sure which ones I have. And why does Episode approve them? You should not do that if they are not okay to use. It would make it so much easier for us if you did that job correctly. Maybe the straff that does the aproving need to read up on this… just saying.

Unfortunately there’s no list (as well as I’m aware of), but if the background isn’t provided in the art catalog, and it’s clearly Episode made it’s most likelly a hidden asset.
None of us were aware it was this tabu.
I too have edited and shared backgrounds that I’ve had since before all this started, where many of them today probably counts as “hidden”, and they’ve all been approved. I have no plans on errasing any of them (not even sure which is which anymore) and change all my work/stories but will continue to use them untill someone straight out tells me otherwise.

That my friend is the right question. Why indeed?


If they approve them, it’s just a mistake - not intentional. A relatively small team doing that many images per week is bound to have things slip through the cracks.

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