Rules Around Using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits

No problem!

I did this to today but umm is this okay use as one of my intros? I mean I did the hair and made it look like they piercings and his leg I added their tattoos on it thats all but I hoping this isn’t against the rules if so I’m have to get rid of it and figure out something else

I’d be weary about the cigarette. I’ve seen covers removed because of them. :sweat_smile:


Okay thanks

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Cigarettes are not allowed on covers but intros are usually fine

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Ik I’m late lol

but the bgs that are on the forums are we allowed to use them. Like for example there’s some drives out there like from amepisode and others are those considered hidden assets or can we use them. Like there was one called the Kittens bar I had it approved but am I still allowed to use it. It matches episodes style but not on the episodes bg site.

And what about the bgs from Episodelife/backgrounds are we allowed to use those?

No they’re not, because they don’t have Episode assets in them (as far as I know). I’m pretty sure Amanda said she got her assets from PicsArt or something.

But no one is allowed to share backgrounds or overlays that have hidden Episode assets which have NOT been released to the community.

You can use the edited backgrounds on episodelife etc because they’re free, they’re using already released assets and they’re not profiting off of Episode’s art.


I think we can as long as we give the original creator credit. I’ve used backgrounds from Episodelife lots of times with no problem. I think it’s only if someone releases hidden assets from Episode without permission, then no, we can’t use it, if that makes sense.

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Ok that’s good too know. I thought so. Some of the episode life bgs I’ve seen do have some episode assists on them so I wasn’t sure.

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I second the motion. Great post indeed.

Thanks for clearingthatup.

Are we aloud to resize a background or overlay to fit the screen?

Yes, provided that you have permission to use the overlay/background.


No problem!

Does anyone know what size the overlay needs to be for a bird’s eye view to fit the screen?

It depends on the overlay itself, but the file size needs to be under 1MB for any overlay you want to upload.

An example would be that a blanket overlay could be 640 x 1136 which is the size of one zone and be under 1MB, but an overlay of a ball could be 1500 x 1500 and would possibly need to be readjusted to fit the screen and re-coded.

Thank you!

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