Run animation is not working properly

Hello and thank you for your time.
I understand that I’m not the first to encounter this problem, and I’m sorry if there’s already an existing topic, maybe I didn’t notice or find it.

So, this is the script I use:


&ALICE spot 0.898 153 56 in zone 1
-other script lines-
@ALICE walks to spot 0.376 213 397 and ALICE does it while run_cry

The thing is that this part: “does it while run_cry” is not working properly, the character is just moving to the spot as if the animation was “idle”.

Sorry if my explanation was not clear.

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I don’t see an issue with the coding you posted… Could you maybe make a screen shot of the whole thing? Maybe there’s something in between that’s causing the problem :slight_smile:

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Do you mean the whole script?

Just this scene

Ok, here you go.


@cut to zone 3
@MEI changes into MEI_ev1
@ALICE changes into ALICE_sch1
&ALICE spot 0.898 153 56 in zone 1
&MEI spot 0.455 273 390 in zone 3 and MEI faces left and MEI is text_phone_neutral_loop
@pause for a beat
@MEI is think
@zoom on 921 338 to 224% in 2
(Where’s she? The last lesson was over about 10 minutes.)
@MEI is search
@pan to zone 1
@pause for a beat
@pan to zone 3
(The yard is empty. Something’s not right.)
@MEI is idle_read_phone_neutral
(I better go inside and look for her.)
@MEI is dustoff_loop
@ALICE walks to spot 0.376 213 397 and ALICE does it while run_cry
@MEI is startled_surprised
@ALICE is cry_sob_loop
MEI (talk_startled)
Alice, what happened?!
@ALICE is idle_sad
ALICE (talk_sad)
N… nothing. Can we go home please?
MEI (talk_awkward)
Of course.
MEI (talk_contend)
But this talk is not over.
ALICE (talk_sad_clutch)

This is the whole segment, after the last part there’s new scene with other background

I spotted the issue. The animation is called run_cry_embarrased_loop not just run_cry.

Oh wait, I just noticed - you’re writing in INK, right? :thinking: Well then, this doesn’t solve the issue… let me think

Yeah, this is the story with INK characters, and I’ve just noticed that the right animation is indeed called run_cry
Well anyway thank you and let me know if you

btw this is how the character is doing an animation:

so basically the animation is working but not fully, she just slipped in that position to the spot

Maybe try timing it? Like this:
@ALICE walks to spot … in t AND ALICE does it while run_cry
t = amount of seconds

Nothing really changed, I’ve tried with 2,3,5 seconds. It was the same, just faster or slower, but thanks

What about this:

@ALICE walks to spot 0.376 213 397 AND ALICE does it while run_cry THEN ALICE is cry_sob_loop
@MEI is startled_surprisde
MEI (talk_startled)
Alice, what happened?!
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Nope, I don’t even understand what’s wrong, there’s no error messages, nothing

Okay so I tested the code in my old INK story and the issue seems to be that run_cry is not a looped animation :woman_shrugging: Meaning it only “plays” once and not all the time like other walking/running animations. So you’ll have to live with it as it is or use a different animation :sweat_smile:

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Ok, got that and thank you so much for the help :blush:

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Check out my reply from this post

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Thank you so much :blush:

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