Run Cry Animation- Ink

Hello beautiful people. Can anyone tell me how to properly use the run_cry animation in ink? Every time I use it, the character starts running and crying but before exiting the screen she glides the rest of the way.
This is what I’m writing evidently it’s wrong.
@SAM exits left and SAM does it while run_cry
She gets to sliding before she exits the screen.

The “run_cry” animation doesn’t loop which is a bit weird, so that’s why it slides because the animation stops after only a couple of steps of running.

What you can do is time your exit so that your character will exit the scene quickly before the animation stops.

@/SAM exits left in 0.8 and SAM does it while run_cry

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Thank you Dara.Amarie. You’re always so helpful with your guides and templates. You’re the best.

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