Run fall animation while entering


Does anyone have any idea how I would have a character running and falling at the same time while entering the scene? As if they were pushed by someone who will also be coming into the scene. I’m trying to make a robbery scene, but I don’t know if it is something with spots or if it is simpler than that.
^^this is my script now


You need to do something like this

@RANDO5 enters from left to screen left AND RANDO5 starts run_athletic THEN RANDO5 walks to spot 0.785 270 227 AND BRANDO5 starts run_athletic THEN RANDO5 starts run_fall

I know is really long but trust me it will work


Okay, I will try it. Thank you.


You have the coding correct, but you need to first do the running animation, THEN have them run_fall

@RANDO5 spot 0.785 380 227 in zone 3
@RANDO5 walks to spot 0.785 270 227 and RANDO5 does it while run_athletic
@RANDO5 is run_fall


Apparently both of this coding will be the same


Oh, I get it now. Thank you guys :slight_smile:


Thanks for responding @Dara.Amarie! Closing :slight_smile: