Running effect with zooms


I need to make a running effect, like the one in The Dragon’s Tail. Does anyone know how to do it?


You have to have the character running with the zoom places changing as the character’s position changes…

Its tough…:worried::worried:


No no, no characters involved. @TheTeacher just did it with zooms


I am saying when you have a character run from a specific spot and you wants to have zoom on there faces or body you have to change the zoom placing all the time …
Or you can use a loop background …
As in that the characters can run in a particular spot and also have the zoom on it… why didn’t I thought of this before??:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I did it myself, please close this thread @Ryan

Here’s what I did:

@zoom on 320 72 to 169% in 0.3
@zoom on 640 123 to 169% in 0.3
@zoom on 320 210 to 234% in 0.3
@zoom on 640 236 to 234% in 0.3
@zoom on 456 266 to 234% in 0.3