Running into screen

Hii, How do you make your mafia/characters run to the screen with guns?

I want some people from the mafia to run altogether to the screen and pull out their guns altoghter. I want one team on one side and the other team on the other. They’re all pointing their guns and ready to shoot.

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okay this one is hard to explain so bare with me
If you want them all pointing guns at the same time u you use

@CHAR starts point_gun_angry AND CHAR starts point_gun_angry (and you do this all on the same line until you get all the characters you want in it

Same thing with running
@CHAR starts run_(animatiion) AND CHAR starts run_(animation) until you are done with all the characters.
For more advanced directing you can and “in s” at the end of the animation.

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Thank you!!!

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Just adding to what matawrites said

You will also have to layer your characters

If u need any help I would be happy to just pm me and I’ll attach a scrip that should work :blush:

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