Running off screen help

How do I get my character to run off screen? Help please.


@RANDOM1 walks to spot INSERT SPOT YOU WANT THE TO RUN TO and RANDOM1 is choose running animation
@RANDOM1 moves to layer -1

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Hi @lexi_writes_for_life This is code for script to run in screen and out of the screen

I have coded the script for you and it work . Since I code script for you

@cut to zone 1

@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center AND CHARACTER is run_athletic_neutral_loop AND JESSICA faces right

@CHARACTER exits right and CHARACTER is run_athletic_neutral_loop

But for part at the top that don’t have background. You have to put your own Background and added the script below @lexi_writes_for_life

When you reach part for CHARACTER in script . That is were you have to add your character name.

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Thank you.

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you’re welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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