Running off the screen


Hi how do I get a character run off the screen ?


You can type in this

@CHAR exits left/right and CHAR starts (animation)


Thank you


Its doesn’t accept it


Can you show me what you typed in?


@MYA exits right and starts MYA (run_neutral_offset)


Type in this instead

@MYA exits right and MYA starts run_neutral_offset


Thank you


I don’t know if you’ve figured it out yet but it should be:

@MYA exits right AND MYA is run_neutral_offset

Hope this helps you!

P.S. When you’re combining two different directing animations you should either use “AND” for simultaneous actions, and “THEN” if one action is starting after another. Make sure they’re in all caps :slight_smile:


thank you :grinning:


Is it the sam to enter in running?