Running out of Mini-game ideas - pitch your idea!

Hi there! I’m writing a story that involves a lot of interactivity and mini-games. The mini-games involved are often associated with the situation you are in. Right now, I have pretty much run out of mini-game ideas.

So, are there any mini-game ideas that you can recommend?

The kinds I have done in my story before are:

If you want a better context of what I’m talking about or am just interested in my story, here’s the link:


can’t come up with minigame ideas rn, so pwease dont flag this, but… :point_right::point_left:

My Gosh! :heart_eyes:
are these minigames included in your stories? gotta rush to Incognito right now! :heart_eyes_cat:

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Yup! “Crack the code” can be found in the first chapter.

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I did a running game in my published story where you had to either jump over or duck under obstacles (each successful one was a point). I gave hints to tell the reader what level it was coming at so they didn’t guess randomly. If your character is running from someone, this would be a fun game.

You could also have them run through a maze (e.g., of hallways).

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That’s actually a good idea! I might use that. Thank you!

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Have you tried @epi.rebellion on instagram? They have some cool mini games

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It would be a PITA to code, but you could do something like the game Mastermind or Wordle. Or something like hangman might be a little easier to code.

In my story I did a memory matching game (which, again, was a PITA to code! but happy to share the code for that with you if you wanted to do something like that).

I just played a story that did a sort of Simon Says minigame where you had to remember a sequence of buttons and click them in the right order. That was fun, and shouldn’t be too terrible to code.

I feel like a bomb-disarming game would fit well in your story - you could make it sort of like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes where the sidekick character is giving vague clues to what the MC needs to do to disarm it.

Never heard of them. Going to check them out now!

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