Running without stops + What are looping backgrounds?

Hello! :heart: When I want my character to run across the screen, I put my code like this:

@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center AND CHARACTER is (random run animation)

@CHARACTER exits right AND CHARACTER is (random run animation)

The character always stops in the middle. :frowning_face:

What are looping backgrounds?

I used one once to try it and I had spotlight mode on and it was looping, but when my character was on cinematic mode, it didn’t loop.

Can anyone explain? :heart:
Thanks in advance! :sunny:

Hello! You need to spot character somewhere out of the screen where they can’t be seen and then use character walks from spot … to spot …

You can use this tutorial, Dara Amarie has a lot of those, they’re really helpful

Thank you so much! :heart:

Does this work if the background has just one zone?

Some just don’t work, I’m sure that Dara Amarie has some information on looping backgrounds as well, but still there are some that don’t work for anyone…

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Yes, it does!

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