Runtime Error... Can anyone help?


I’ve had this happen before, and nothing worked. I had to create another story.
There are no script errors or accidental loops.
(I’ve tried refreshing and exiting multiple times)

I just refresh and it goes away.

That’s still not working, but I’ll try again :smile:

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Are you using Chrome? Can you post a screenshot of your console? (Right-click, choose ‘inspect’ and click the ‘console’ tab). it looks like something coming from a development tool rather than your code.

Oh wow- lots going on there. Do you know how I can fix this?

I’ve searched the forums, and it can be a ‘hidden’ error in your script causing some type of problem with memory allocation. You can try to find it, or switch to a different browser/update chrome. You can also try previewing on the app, and see if that causes any issues.

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