Runtime Error; Memory Access Out of Bounds

When I try to preview my story on my computer I get something that says “Runtime error memory access out of bounds” I can’t even preview the chapters on my phone. On my phone it just freezes and that’s it. This is the first time I’ve seen this happen.

I don’t know what’s wrong because its been working fine all week.

There must be some mistake within your script, is it showing any errors?

No except for spelling but as far as major script errors there’s nothing.

Did you add in anything new to the script? There we might find an error

Labels so I could lock choices during character customization. That might be it since I had to go back and put them because they disappeared somehow.

Hmm… can I see that section of the script?

These screen shots are the labels I put in I believe last week and I had to re-enter the goto labels I’m not sure why

Hey guys!! If you are wondering what is up, here is the thread!!

Hmm, the only thing I’m seeing is that where you got your goto, the label just ends up looping

Ok I guess I’ll just take everything out and redo them and that should fix things. Thanks for the help.

You don’t have to redo everything, just either move the labels or the gotos

OK thanks.