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Yeah maybe waiting is better

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I feel like if we do that, we should transfer it to the RP after. Idk, that might be a lot of work but I want to have everything together in one place. Gah.


She hasn’t been seen in a day.


What do you mean?


could take hours though


like instead of making a group with everyone, we could do it with the people we were talking to.


We have to wait for 4 hours until we start rping again

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how do rp now? All because of an idiot


But no one else could read it.


we can make a big group on with everyone whose here and continue after the thread is unlocked


Maybe we could all just take a break and come back when it’s open.

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but it’s hard for those who dont understand what’s going on when they come back and the thread is open


We can make a poll


Oh yeah.


for what?


doing the to on pm or not

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how do you report someone?


maybe we should


We can repost all of our replies when the thread is open again. That way everyone who doesn’t know what happened will get caught up with it.