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for what?


doing the to on pm or not

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how do you report someone?


maybe we should


We can repost all of our replies when the thread is open again. That way everyone who doesn’t know what happened will get caught up with it.


we can’t.

ask for it here.

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It’s not an option on the forums.

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The thread won’t be open until at least 11 PM for me though. I might be asleep by then. And I don’t want to not be able to RP until tomorrow and start the new day when I wake up.


Same for me.

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It wont oepn until 9 pm for me and so I’m probably going to bed at that time or just getting out of the shower.

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  • Rp on pms
  • Don’t rp on pms

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Same. Guys lets make a private chat for everyone who’s active right now and continue it on that. And then when the thread opens again, we will copy and paste all of them into the main one and we can continue like normal.

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Can we just RP on this thread? The troll was last seen 5 minutes ago.

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It does hold more replies on the thread… right? I’m not sure ahh

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It’s a good idea to rp on here too


But I mean it’ll kind of be cluttered at the end :confounded:


Well I don’t think the post limit is really an issue, like I don’t think we’re going to get to 500 posts in 4 hours since in the past 4 hours there were only like 200-300 posts I think.

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@jiya.episode is Hailey approachable still?

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Yeah that’s true


oh, yeah.