Russian speakers

Hi is there anyone who speaks Russian that could help me with my story.

I speak Russian and can help with small pieces of dialogue, but I can’t write in Russian or help if it’s for the entire story.

I have conversations in Russian unfortunately.

Hello, I can help with that, but one thing - Russian letters can’t be in the story (как-бы именно такие буквы не считают), just write Russian words with English letters ( kakbi imenno tak ono cschitautcya), it is hard, but I can help if you still need it

Yes that’s fine. what i have been doing so far is google to get a rough guide line but i want to make sure on sentenses soon. do you have instagram i can dm you on?

@lanalicera.episode :slight_smile:

Привет :hugs: Я тоже из России :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

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