Ryle's Background and Overlay Shop | {Open}

Hey guys! Its me Ryles or Riles again and thank you for stopping by my shop! As most of you (22) voted “Open a background shop” during a poll that I put up, here I am! Anyways, lets not talk about stories here and lets begin with the tour of this thread.

So this section is the most important section out of the two as it includes the rules, terms of use and side notes. So I suggest for you to read everything that contains this section.


Starting with the RULES


:sparkles:Rule no 1.:sparkles: | You are allowed to ask for a redo for unlimited of times

:sparkles:Rule no 2.:sparkles: | Be specific on your request

:sparkles:Rule no 3.:sparkles: | Do not clutter the topic in any way, off topic posting and unnecessary comments

Side notes:

Please read the terms of use

Terms of Use

:sparkles:Rule no 1.:sparkles: | You can redistribute the background unless you still credit me

:sparkles:Rule no 2.:sparkles: | You are not to claim the background as your own

:sparkles:Rule no 3.:sparkles: | You must credit me if ever you use the following background in anything
readerMessage Credit to @rylie_episode for providing the background that was used in the story/cover/splash etc.

:sparkles:Rule no 4.:sparkles: | You cannot modify, edit or extract an overlay from the background, you can only extract an overlay from it if I didnt provide an overlay for a certain background

:sparkles:Rule no 5.:sparkles: | You are not allowed to use my backgrounds in anything other than for Episode Uses

For the fun part, I am not gonna add in examples so that you can trust me in what I do

Background Request Form
Day, night or both?:
Colors to use and avoid:
Description of how you want the room:
Anything else specific?:
If background edit (What you need edited?):

Overlay Request Form
Colors to use and avoid:
Description of the overlay:
Anything specific?:

Waiting List


Can you please make a school headteachers office background please? 3 zones, needs to look very headteachery.

Please fill out the form :slight_smile:


Zones: 3
Day, night or both?: both
Colors to use and avoid: use light, avoid dark
Description of how you want the room: bed in the middle, bedside cabinets, computer desk bookshelf and entrance to walk in wardrob
Anything else specific?: it’s for a young adult female she is at university for becoming a lawyer
If background edit (What you need edited?):

Hello! I want to request a background please. I would like the following background with a blurry look (just make it blurry). Thanks! :heart:

Zones: 3
Day, night or both?: both
Colors to use and avoid: It’s a guys kitchen
Description of how you want the room: I would like the fist zone to have just maybe a counter and window in the background because I want to add a overlay table there. The rest is how ever.
Anything else specific?:
If background edit (What you need edited?):

Hello Doksan! Im extremely sorry if Im taking too long on your request but I am finished with it.





Hi Olivia! Sorry for the late reply but Im finished with your background.
I blurred it in 5 dofferent radius so I hope atleast one of them is at your liking!






So is this for like a dorm of some sort or an average bedroom?

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AN average room

Hi Nicole! Im finished with your background! I couldnt add a walk in closet since it would get too crowded




There are already existing backgrounds on episode that fits your description. Would you like me to modify them or do you want me to create one whole in whole? I could also find one for you!

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Thank you much do you think I could get the bed as a seperate background? I will fill out another form if you don’t mind :grin:

Thank you so much! I’ll be using the third one! :slight_smile:

That’d be awesome if you fill it out again :smiley:

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Zones: 3
Day, night or both?: both
Colors to use and avoid: use light, avoid dark
Description of how you want the room: just the bed from this picture please

Hi! Are you still completing requests?

Hi!! I would like to request a few exterior backgrounds.

Pizza House Exterior

This restaurant is supposed to be similar pizza hut. I would like an 2 zone exterior during day and night. Can you make the outside similar to the picture below?

Ari's Angels Exterior

This is gonna be a hair and makeup salon called “Ari’s Angels”. I would like the outside to be nice and modern( the setting is Manhattan). I would also like a row of stations at the salon as a back if possible. 2 zone Exterior, day and night please. Kind of like the picture below

Could I have a kitchen table overlay with breakfast plates?