Ryle's Background and Overlay Shop | {Open}

how do we fill out the form?

Background Request Form
Zones: 3
Day, night or both?: both
Colors to use and avoid: very tropical colors
Description of how you want the room: Kind of like an open restaurant on the beach, no doors or windows. only a few tables and I want the beach to be seen through the back, maybe even add some tiny people on the beach if possible?
Anything else specific?: I really just want it to look like a little shack you’d see on the beach, and a place for people to hang out and such. Just work your magic I don’t want to be too specific.

Where’s the forms?

Zones: 3
Day,Night or Both?: Both
Colors: dark colors
Description: A trashy place like where bad guys work.

Zones: 3
Day, night or both?: Day
Colors to use and avoid: avoid Bright neon colours, use normal train looking colours :stuck_out_tongue:
Description of how you want the room: Are you able to make/find something similar to the picture below? However, more episode style and the POV is facing the seats, window, and those grips at the top are in sight? Ive seen something similar to my description in someone’s story, but i cant find anything…
Anything else specific?: It’s somewhat?? an overlay? Are you able to cut out a window that you put in, so i can put a looping background behind?

If you could do this, i’d be incredibly grateful. Thank you! <3

May I request an overlay? If so may it say vendetta. It would a grey color, yet the font would make it look like metal.

Hey, can you make the table to an overlay?

Heyy, can I use one of the backgrounds you made for Doksanwrites? I promise I’ll give credit!

Can I please have an black blanket overlay? (preferably fur but anything is okay!)

Hiiii :heart:
can I please have a money bag overlay?

Colors to use and avoid: akin colour Honey
Description of the overlay: Just a middle finger overlay :wink:
Anything specific?: nope :slight_smile:

Colors to use and avoid: Use red, yellow, silver, gold, black
Avoid: White, green, gray,…

Description of the overlays: Bloodstains (like on clothes)
Blood, like small puddles on the floor
A knife
A bloody necklace based off of this

And crime scene tape.

Anything specific: I want the crime scene tape to be 3 zones long, and the bloodstains to be small. Transparent background.

Can I have one please? Also @JetLikeTheJewel1 would like overlays too!

The link to her/his thread!
Can we PM my request though so no one steals it please!

Background Request Form
Zones: 3
Day, night or both?: Both
Colors to use and avoid: Use grey, white, light blue, light purple. Avoid red, orange, yellow, green.
Description of how you want the room: I would like the bedsheets to be grey and the walls a light purple or blue. If possible a grey rug.
Anything else specific?: INT. JUVIE WELLES BEDROOM - DAY
If background edit (What you need edited?): I would like the colors changed and some fairy lights added to the top of the ceiling. Maybe some lights on the cabinet on the left and on the Canopy above the bed.

Anyone know where can I get crime scene marking?

May I request?

Hey! Can I please still request? xox

Both (Day and Night)
Colors to use: White
Could the background be a mattress
Could I have a mattress that is white and has a pillow on the top of it?

Could I have two different overlays?
A white blanket that would go over the mattress background and a black one?

Overlay Request Form
Colors to use and avoid: white
Description of the overlay: car interior where both characters are shown in the same zone, slightly a side point of view, so I can use episodes looping backgrounds
Anything specific?: Black seats

If you need anything else just pm me :relaxed:

Nvm i will go somewhere else