Ryley’s Official Art Shop!

So. I have decided to open my own little art shop to help other people. Please fill out the form below depending on what you want. Please also look at the rules, and my examples before requesting!

  • If you get a PFP please don’t remove my watermark. If you get a cover or splash, make sure to credit me, whether at the end or at the beginning of your story!

  • Please be respectful to others, especially me considering I’m the one making your art.

  • Please be patient, depending on what your requesting and how many people request depends on how long your art will take.

  • Fill out the form depending on what you want, if you don’t fill out the form, I will not do your request.

  • Check out the waiting list to see how many people are waiting, as this will give you a little idea on how long your art will take

Pfp request form

** Background**
Do you want it of your episode character?
Do you want it digitally drawn?
If you use your episode character, what pose?
Do you want a more realistic one?
**If you want a more realistic one

A. Either send me a picture of yourself in PM
B. Describe what you want your pfp to look like. (Ex. Blonde hair, ponytail, brown eyes, light skin, freckles etc.)

Pfp examples

image image

Cover request form

The background you want
Title of your story
Author Name (if you want it on your cover)
Character looks, and outfits
Character poses
Where you want the characters to stand

Cover Examples (More Soon)


Splash Form

If you want characters in it.
Font ideas (black,bold,shadows etc.)
How many characters?
Character Details
What kind of splash?

Splash Examples

Waiting List


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Hey Ryley!
I’d love a pfp!
You can make the background whatever you choose. I’d like a more realistic one but here are my deets.


So If you could have strands of my hair pulled back into a braided crown it would be awesome! I have pretty big sparkly gray eyes, and I have tanish skin.
I’d love Black overalls with a brand of any kind white shirt! Thank you so much!

Hey, do you do background edits?
If so, can you edit a background for me? I already edited some of it already, but this bg is two zones big, can you edit it the middle part out so that it’s only one zone big? (640 x 1136 pixels) you can do it however you like, only requirement is that both the tv and the couch are in the same zone.
Much appreciated

Here’s the bg

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Yes, I will try and get your request done soon! I’m currently going through some things, but I’ll make sure to get your request done tomorrow!


No problem bae, I got time :kissing_heart:

Hi there! i need a nice cover! i saw you work and its is AMAZING! honey, your awasome.

If yu want to help me that would mean the world to me!
xoxo May:heart: