Ryley’s PFP Shop (CLOSED)


Aight so I’m really bored and want to draw, so I figured that I’d make like an art thread for Pfp’s


So you will have to send me a picture of you want it to look like a drawing of you
(you don’t have to it’s not nessecary)

PM me your picture for privacy reasons

Or you can tell me details on how you want the person to look, examples: Blonde hair, light skin, blue eyes, freckles, etc.

Please be patient, these things take A LOT of work and patience for me, so I expect the same from my requesters.

Please don’t be rude to me or anyone else, I’m just doing this for fun tbh and don’t want any hate.




I will either in a little bit or Tomorrow.


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Hi, I was wondering if you could redraw this image, but with these glasses and using this character? I’d like to keep the bun, like the original picture I would just like it black and I like the shirt to be light pink. Please.


So something like this??

I apologize if you don’t like it.


Yes, but can you make the hair, hands, and lips more like the original?


Haha, yeah sorry


How’s this?


Omg I love it so much thank you​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You’re welcome!


Hey! I would love an edit of me, I’d you’re free! Here are my deets!

You can make it in whichever style you prefer!