S.o.s help please!


Hi there!
So, I’m currently writing. Does anyone know how to get the character to stare? Or have that dumbfounded look. I’ve seen it before but, I don’t know how to do it. This is ink btw. They just stare with a blank expression.


Can you post a screenshot of the reaction in question?


I think it’s startled_surprised



What do you mean? When they stare like “wtf I just saw!” :thinking:?


I think you want to have the character do the shush (INK) command while they are not in the shot then bring the shot back to them.
Or maybe the flirt_fingersnap.


I don’t have any pictures. They’ll just stare like they saw something stupid. I’ll just try the shush animation for now. My brain is about to explode. :face_with_head_bandage:
Thanks for all the help and suggestions.


I think you’re talking about the end of the animation “flirt_fingersnap”


Okay, so I tried both the shush and flirt_fingersnap commands. The Flirt_fingersnap command is more of what I was looking for.
Thanks again guys! :smile:


@Jeremy or @ryan plz close the thread.




Thread closed as per thread op request. Thanks! :peace_symbol: