Saasha's cover art contest!

Hey guys! So I am back with a cover contest. I need covers for my most recent story which will be published soon. Some of you might have read the description in my last thread already!

The rules are simple.

  1. Both the characters must be included in the cover.

  2. It can be simple or drawn but drawn ones are a bonus if they look good!

  3. It should display the theme of the story - love and revenge.

  4. The characters are given below.

  5. There will be 3 winners :

Prize 1

→Shoutout on Instagram.
→Special appearance in my 2 stories for author note.
→ A detailed review for your own story (if you want one).

Prize 2

→Shout out on Instagram.
→Special appearance in the following story in author’s note.
→A detailed review for your story.

Prize 3

→ Shoutout on instagram.
→ Credit in my story for cover and a mention for winning.
→ Detailed review for your story.

Title of the story - Bad Boy VS Bad Girl.
Author - Badass Saasha
Description - Saasha Raven is back for revenge from her bullies and this time she is ready for anything that comes her way , or so she thought until a certain bad boy makes a bet with her.

It is Bad boy vs Bad girl and all bets are off and weapons are unsheathed. The challenge is simple - The one who does not fall for the other in the next three months wins.

Easy right ? Well with the cold hearted facade of the bad boy and the bad girl’s walls fading away , anything is possible.


Skin tone : Fair
Face shape : Soft heart
Mouth : Blossom lips (Cherry red)
Eyes : Upturned bold (Brown)
Nose : I don’t care.
Hair : Straight (Fawn)

Face shape : Defined triangle
Skin tone : Tan
Eyes : Sweet (Light brown)
Hair : Short cropped (Fawn)
Mouth : Small round (Blush)
Nose : Button.

P.S. Your entry must be submitted by 1st September 2018 according to Indian Standard Time.

Feel free to ask me if you got any questions.

Results are in!

Prize 1 goes to @anj
Prize 2 goes to @epy.sophie
Prize 3 goes to @AngelinaTheUnicorn

P.S. The conets entries from Instagram have also been taken in consideration. Congratulations to the winners! PM me for your promised prizes!


Hey Saash. I’m def joining

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Thanks A! I bet it’s gonna be awesome! I am so excited.


Aww thx.

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I am only a basic editor, but I’ll definetly join! :blush:

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I would be so glad for you to.

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I’m struggling deciding whether I should enter or not.

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Why? You still mad at me?

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Okay, wtf no, I just don’t know if I should enter or not.

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You know if you would I would love you to bits (not that I already don’t) and if you didn’t I would still understand. Your choice to make.


I will enter, idrc about the prizes.


Yay! Love you Soph.


Hey, SO doing this :heart_eyes:


Yay! Thanks I will be looking forward to your entry!


Can you extend the date? Because only one day left so it’s difficult to participate :frowning:

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Yeah I just did!


Even before you asked I was planning on it lmao.


Then I’m entering on this contest and This is the first time I’m going to do cover :slight_smile:


Woohoo more people more fun!