Saasha's covers and edits

Hey everyone. So I have been making covers and splashes for a long time now so I have decided that I am going to make cover arts , edits and splashes for anyone who needs. If you need one please give the required details:

For covers -

  1. Title of the story
  2. Character details / screenshot of the character
  3. Outfit details (optional)
  4. Background (optional)
  5. Description of the story

For Splashes -

  1. The text you want to display.
  2. Background (optional)
  3. Character details (if any)
  4. Outfit details (optional)

For Character Edits -

  1. Character details.
  2. Background (optional).
  3. The pose in which you want them.

My most recent work -







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Err yeah sure

No i said Yes :sweat_smile:

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can you make me a cover for my story?

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Yeah sure. Do you want to send the details here or you want to pm me ?

I want a cover:

  1. My Boyfriend’s Best Friend

3. Can she be wearing a white hoodie crop top and ripped jeans.
4. Can it be in the park.
5. MC gets abused by her boyfriend, so the only people she can turn to are her best friend and her boyfriend’s best friend. But when her best friend leaves town for a while she can only talk to her boyfriend’s best friend. After that she breaks up with her boyfriend and starts dating his best friend. Her ex-boyfriend blackmails them both.

Just wanted to ask if you can use the exact poses? If you can’t, there’s no problem.

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Thanks. Request accepted. Please tell me in which position you what them in your cover ?

Umm, can Noah be standing in next to MC (like he’s flirting with her) at the right side of the cover and Kai to be watching them both from the left side of the cover (Like he is mad at them for being together)

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Yeah. But I can’t send them now as I don’t have my laptop now. Sorry but I can send you edits by the evening that is in 3 to 4 hours.

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Yeah, that’s fine.

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Thank you so much!

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@WrittenBySophia I wanted to know that do you want them in The outfits they are already wearing or do you have something else in mind ?

Examples of some of my works -


I thought that maybe you could edit the crop top she was wearing by adding a hoodie.

Yeah sure


I’m helping @Lavanya cause she said she was tired

Oh, Ok.

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In How much time can the cover be done?

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