Sad & emotional scene feedback + continue ideas (trigger warning: suicide attempt)

(Same backstory as previous posts)

Eli is about to go to sleep, when she gets a text from Anna and checks it

Anna: E?
Anna: Please respond…
Anna: I miss you :broken_heart:
Eli doesn’t reply
Anna: Alright… Goodbye.
Eli: What do you mean?!
Anna: Being without you hurts so much…
Anna: I can’t-

Real Life

Eli runs to Anna’s house into her room and sees Anna passed out with a bottle of pills next to her

Eli starts to cry

Eli: (No…)




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Im horrible at story ideas, so sorry i cant help you :pleading_face::pensive:

But u can keep tagging me bcz i love to see ur story scenes :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And also tag me when ur story is published :sparkling_heart:

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This whole scene -
I have some advice. You can keep the pill thing but me - and a lot of other ppl - don’t want to talk about their problems. Especially if she has a lot - she must not want to tell Eli all about her problems.
Unless you’re aiming to make a story about a toxic relationship. Cause that’s really, really, REALLY toxic.


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