Sad Girl Hour - Suggestions

Hey! I definitely know the feeling. I hope you feel better soon! Here are some songs that I recommend (sorry if some are repeated that you listen to):

Teen Idle - MARINA

Broken - Lund

Dear Diary - P!NK

Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

*Cry Baby & Sadderdaze - The Neighbourhood (I love pretty much ALL of their songs).

Behind these Hazel eyes - Kelly Clarkson

After hours - The Weeknd

Make Me Cry - Noah Cyrus

Neon Brother - Nothing but thieves

Blur - Britney Spears

*Mirage & Here with me - Elina

Cancer - MCR


Angry/ sad:

Girl Anachronism - The Dresden Dolls

True friends & Medicine - Bring Me to the Horizon

Creep - Radiohead


Me too :joy: (and girl, I LIVE church songs :joy: that’s what I usually listen to besides pop whenever I’m feeling happier) And I’ll PM you it!


That’s so cool!! Thank you! :two_hearts:


I’ll give those a listen! And thank you, I really appreciate that :heart:

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No problem! I’m music obsessed lol. So if you ever want some more to listen to, just let me know :blush:.


Twenty One Pilots and My Chemical Romance have good ones too. :thinking:

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I am too! My main playlist runs for 9 hours :joy: And that’s not even my biggest playlist (which is 14 hours) But, I am always looking for more music too jam too! So I’ll keep you in mind!

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Twenty One Pilots, I love their songs!

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I have like 60 playlists (EXACT) :joy:. I think my largest playlist is about 32 hours :flushed:… I honestly don’t think I can survive a day without music. I’m pretty diverse when it comes to it, but I love rock!


They’re one of my favorites!

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Maybe you and I need to exchange favorite songs!! :joy:


Oh my gosh… I LOVE THAT :joy: :joy: Me either, sis! Music is amazing!! I listen to about every genre, but I love pop and rock the most whenever I’m not listening to Christian music!

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Of course! I would be happy to do so :joy:.


Do you have Instagram? :blush:

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Currently I don’t, but maybe in future time :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Here are some that I can think of off the top of my head:

  • Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi (it’s probably overplayed but it’s really emotional :sob:)
  • Orchestral music with moving melodies are really impactful for me. Jupiter from Holst’s The Planets is really really good.
  • I’m a big fan of progressive house EDM, and Alesso is one of my favorite artists. He has an orchestral type song called Immortale that is so beautiful, and I’ve been obsessed with his newest song One Last Time which is more upbeat.
  • For Christian Music, Hills and Valleys (acoustic) and God’s not Done With You Yet by Tauren Wells are so moving for me
  • I Will and Love Has Won by Citizen Way are two other really good Christian songs for when you’re down and discouraged

Hope these help! (I’m a big music nerd so I’m always down to talk music and songs :joy:)

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Someone You Loved is a great song :cry:

And I love Hills & Valleys, I sang that at my 8th-grade graduation!! Citizen Way is a great band, I’ll have to check out those songs!

I’m a big music fan too! Well if that means listening to it for hours on end :joy:

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I hear you :joy::joy: I need to have my music to motivate me to get work done, but sometimes I get too into the music and it distracts me lol

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Must the songs have lyrics? Or would you be open to listening to intrumental music?

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All the time :joy: But I would rather listen to music than silence! I got some great Christian playlists and many other playlists I listen to daily!

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