Sad Quality and Quantity of Episode's Curly/Coiled Hairstyles

I have this posted as a feature/“Re-Request”, but honestly, this shouldn’t be a TRUE feature? Why is it that Afro hair is always on the short end of the delivery and the quality and quantity is never addressed?

The quality of some of these hairstyles is sad compared to other looser curl patterns, While I understand that there is “lack of” in the team. That’s still not an issue to not address it! And has never been by the Episode staff, but by Episode users in defense!
While I understand the “quantity” would mean requesting. We still only get a sprinkle in the hair update. (The last update we received one) and it still has terrible quality, so I will focus more on quality.

The problem is that multiple people have pointed this out and they haven’t addressed it.

I have sent in a support ticket for the moment. Its been two days so I’m still waiting for a response.


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