Sad Stories Limelight

Happily Never After by Aubrey Jean (it will make you a emotional wreck TRUST ME) :sparkling_heart:

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i cant even cope after reading it, one of the best i have read till now

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rightt !! that story will forever share a special place in my heart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!!

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also welcome to the community :smile::sparkling_heart:!!!

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oooh your story looks interesting :star_struck: i’ll definitely have to check it out :sparkling_heart:!!!

any other good ones like happily never after? idk sweet, sad, love?

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YESS!! i recommend A Different Path
I’m reading A Different Path - Complete!. Check it out:

any literally any story by Bri my favorite by her is Jaded Love I’m reading Jaded Love (COMPLETE!). Check it out:

and lastly i just finished this story and it was very good I’m reading LIAR COMPLETE + stunning art scenes. Check it out:

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thanks a lot, you go girll

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I am in the process of writing a truly heartbreaking story…The name’s Anagapesis and it would soon be out on the app! I have done a lot of hardwork in custom overlays and advanced directing, so please keep an eye out…It would mean a lot! And yep, I can assure you, it’s gonna make you scream and weep!

Lots of Love,


anytime luv :slight_smile::sparkling_heart:!!!

okay !! i’ll definitely be on the look out for that and will be reading when it comes out :sparkling_heart:!!

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let me know what you think of them if you end up reading any of them :hugs::sparkling_heart:!!!

Hey, did you ever get around to finishing this?:heartpulse:

The Marriage Counsellor by Joriemar

I’ve been told my story makes people cry. Hell, I cried writing it haha.

The majority of the sad stories I’ve read are Ink stories. ;-;

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Heya! Yeah, its gonna be released in February…Earlier it was planned for January but the cover and the advanced directing are taking a bit time. Hope you wouldn’t mind…Btw, you actually even pumped me more with your comment lol<3 I’ll update you soon!

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Ahhhhh! I’m so excited to read it. You better keep your promise and update me!

It’s been a while since I read this story-- but its complete and one of my all time favorites-- it’s called “Last Moments” and it’s an amazing story (I can’t recall the author’s name)

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My story is called The Life of a Vigilante LL!

Tittle: The Life of a Vigilante LL
Genre: Action
Chapters: 10 (ongoing)
Customisation: Yes, full customisation.
My Instagram: @fsharna3
Author name: Sharna