Sad stories: thoughts about them?

First of all, for “sad story” I mean:

  • a sad story which ends in a positive way, where the MC grews up chapter after chapter;
  • not a story about pregnancy, little shy nerds, gang leaders, bad boys;
  • a story where there’s isn’t a knight in shine armor.

What are your thoughts about it? Do you like when a story makes you feel sad for what the MC is going though?

I think if written correctly then sad stories have the biggest impact. I love them, sometimes nothing beats reading a sad story knowing you will most likely cry. They tend to be the stories most people remember reading as it takes a lot of skill to be able to make a reader feel deeply saddened. Take love me black and Blue for example, an incredibly sad story, with an ending that wasn’t considered to be what the majority wanted but it’s still an extremely popular story.

I actually have 2 stories planned out unwritten that are both sad but I dont think i will ever publish them as they could be a little too sad and mature for Episode.


“Love Me Black And Blue” is my favorite story so far! I have an idea in my mind too for a story, based on real life experiences, but I ask myself too if maybe it’s too sad and too mature. Btw, for now I’m writing other stories, I’ll think about that if future!
Thank you for sharing your idea :blush:

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I think if anyone’s looking for a sad story that would’ve a positive impact on a person, then Making Lemonade by Joriemar is one you should be reading. I seriously started my frickin’ waterworks by the MC’s, that is, Rosalinda’s suffering. How she lost all hope and her happiness in one tragedy that seriously shook her life, how she sunk down to unhappiness and despair, how she was haunted by her dreadful demons’ voices in her mind, how she took refuge in pain and suffering for distraction from her horrifying thoughts…

The story revolves around a girl who thought that she lost everything, even herself. But, when life gives you lemons, you make the best jug of lemonade, instead of fretting on and around. Rosalinda fought tooth and nail, through thick and thin and achieved pure contentment and happiness for everything life gave her.

What my Greatness Overload self learnt was that life is pretty much unfair and cruel and stupid and overbearing, like our moms! But, in time, we accept it and move on. We fight, forgive, move on and stand strong. And at the end, when we look back at everything that has happened to us, we say, “All Izz Well!” What matters is that we stood strong and took it all. We accept it, forgive it, appreciate it and learn from it. Not dread or run from it (BTW, that was Thanos line reference from Avengers: Infinity War).

And, last but not the least, serious kudos to the author Joriemar for the wonderful, touching and heart-clenching story :sob: I love you, Ms Joriemar, Almighty Bless Ya!!


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Thank you for sharing this! I’ve never heard of this story, but I’ll add it in my favorites for sure. I think that a good sad story with a positive message can really help the reader, sometimes.

(The Infinity War reference: lol)

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