Sad stories to read


Ok so as some know I’m thinking of ending my story with a sad ending. But I’m actually interested in seeing how others have done theres. Plus I’m actually a sucker for sad stories and movies

Anyone ever watched a walk to remember? Omg my heart was in pieces.

Anyway has anyone got any sad stories doesn’t have to be about illness or love loss I’m interested in seeing a bit of a mixture that others have created.



I watched a walk to remember before


Honestly it broke my heart I ended up bawling like a baby. Think they need a category on here for sad stories


Ikr I love sad stories


That move and listen to your heart are my two favorites!!


The night we met literally broke my heart, one of the most underrated episode stories to exist


Is it this one


If you can, please check out mine. It’s called Love is Lost by Pheebsnomenal.


Yeah so sad


I agree - I need a few stories to ugly cry to tbh