Saddest episode death

When reading a episode story have you ever come across an episode where one of the characters died and it was like the saddest death ever? I can’t think of one at the moment but I’d be interested to hear what some of yours are.


Craving for HIM by Shanen Ricci

There was another one where the mcs best friend died and the mc & li had to become parents to the best friends child since the best friends partner died too


Samson from Times Square by @janinestories shush I’m still recovering :sneezing_face:


Chase from Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane by @Marshmallow_O :sob:


Nooooo Chase how did I forget about him!! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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Oh I remember that, but I was actually crying. I got way too emotionally attached to those 2 stories…

ugh that one got me too :sob::sob:

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watch me fly by Christina Marie.


I’m sorry :sweat_smile::sparkling_heart:


the damage has already been done :sob: :sneezing_face:

jk lmfao i’ll be FINE :sleepy:

I don’t want to give any spoilers unless someone’s reading it or whatever, but Don’t Call Me Angel by Marion Hargrave

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Heal my soul by clara23

I know, his death was so sad, bcuz he was innocent, he had nothing to do with it :cry:

I wasn’t crying, but that scene at the end where she saw Chase sitting on the bed bcuz of how much she missed him :sob:

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That one was so sad! I couldn’t finish the story :sob:

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that one hurt because he really didnt need to die :sob: and when my character walked past his bedroom and imagined him playing video games in there hurteddddd :sob:


Exactly…like I said I was already emotionally attached to that in additional to the MC imagining he was still there…and BOOM came the buckets full of tears :lying_face:

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I completely understand! But that story was too worth it, it led to Marion making a spin-off to Be My Target…you know just saying :woman_shrugging:

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Omg what was the second one called?? There is a movie which is similar and I loved it!

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I can’t remember the name but it may have been Craving for YOU or something like that (:

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Thank you I’ll have a look! There is a movie called life as we know it which has something similar!

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