Sally's cover and splash shop! [OPEN]

Hi there!!

I love creating covers and splashes so I thought I’d make this thread!! Although I am not much of an expert, I will try my best!!

All you need to do is reply down below what exactly you want: Cover, splash, text overlay or end card splash.

Then if you want your character’s involved, and which background you’d like! Please include any detail you think is necessary for the request. I’ll pm you your request whenever it’s ready!

Here are a few examples:
Intro Splash

Basic edited background:

Sound & mature language splashes:


Text overlay:

NOTE: It’s crucial to credit me!!
Thank you! :heart:

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Omg I love ur art! Can I have a splash that says

This story contains violence and if it were a movie would be rated TV-17

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Thank you! :blush: :heart:
And of course! I’ll pm you the splash as soon as possible :smiley:

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Yay! Thank you!

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Hello, I don’t need a splash or cover, currently, but these are really nice :heart:

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Thank you! :blush: :heart:

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Moved to Art Resources section as that’s where art requests/exchanges live! Feel free to review this tutorial, it has a lot of info about where to organize posts on the forums :slight_smile:

Looking good! I’d like to request a profile picture edit!

Body: Tan Deep Neutral
Face: Triangle Defined
Hair: Medium Curly Solid Black
Eyebrow: Arched Natural
Eyes: Deepest Downturned light brown
Nose: Grecian Soft
Lips: Full heart pouty

Thanks in advance