Samantha's Art shop {Closed}


I can do character edits, art scenes, splashs, overlays, backgrounds and covers.

you can request here (on the forums)
you can email me at >
or you can message me on Instagram > @samanthaedits.episode

credit isn’t needed but would be appreciated and all/most requests will be done between 3 hours or 3 weeks depending on how complexed it is.

It’s also all free.

Thank you :smile:

Examples can be found on my Instagram @samanthaedits.episode


Any examples? :cowboy_hat_face::star_struck:

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Not a request but they look amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you :grin:

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Hey Samantha,
I already texted you on Instagram but if you see this first I just want to say that I am doing a story but I am finding the writing difficult do you want to help?

Yeah I can help.

I sent episode 1 plans to you

Hey @Samantha0915
I need an ink artscene
Pose :




Outfit: Related to the pose pls

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Of course! It will be a least a day before it’s done, is that alright?
is the background just the same as shown in the pose?

Yes its alright and the background is the same

Hi, I need an overlay that says Squad: College Life. :heart:
And I love your profile picture!

What colour would you like it ?
Is there a specific font?


My background is this EXT. BLUE - DAY
So, I don’t have a specific colour, whichever you think is the best will work.
This kind of front will works.





Here you go, let me know if you want anything changed.

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Here you go

Sorry It’s not very good and kind of rushed.
Let me know if you need it redone or anything changed and I will gladly do it.

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No I dont want to change anything :heart::heart_eyes:
How shall I credit you ?

You can credit my from my Instagram


Thanks. How can I credit you?