Samantha's Cover Shop /PERMANENTLY CLOSED/

Hi there!

This is exactly as the title says, you request a cover, I most likely accept and you get your cover.
It’s very Simple.

Due to personal reasons that I’m not comfortable explaining, this shop is now closed.

I apologise so much for not completing the outstanding requests and wasting your time. However I did attempt all covers requested… let’s just say that because of my current mindset they didn’t turn out well.
I don’t like giving out work that I am disappointed in and would never give out work unless it is up to my standards for something I was requesting.

Due to causing inconvenience for anyone that requested. I will do one art scene or anything else art related for you. When doing this i do however ask for time to complete it because if I pressurise (is that a word?) Myself I will fall into a darker hole.

I’m so so so so sorry.


PasswordThe Woman In White

:unicorn:Is your cover INK or Limelight = LL
:unicorn: Is your cover Drawn or Edited = Drawn
:unicorn: detailed description of Pose (Reference Image if you have one) =

:unicorn:How many characters? = 1
:unicorn:Character Details?bbg you can do it anyhow :slight_smile:
:unicorn:Character Outfits? Anyhow has I said lmao but just some black biker shorts
:unicorn: Text? Red Rising
:unicorn:Text Colour? Red and maybe a bit of black
:unicorn:Text Font? Any kind
:unicorn:Theme of the Cover (e.g. Magic, Dark, Love etc.) A bit dark
:unicorn:Background? Black or maybe red or somthing similar to the picture I showed you
:unicorn:When you need it by? anytime :blob_hearts:
:unicorn:Are you okay with a small barely noticeable watermark? Yes

I really am in love with your drawings and if you cant do full body you can do half or however your comfortable doing it if you do accept this request I would love you to put your Ig on the cover :kissing_heart:


Awww :sparkling_heart::pleading_face:Thank you so much.

Two quick questions though. Do you have any idea on how you want the character to look or… ?


Sorry for the late reply and The character look nothing too much lmao Just make her with black hair and maybe skin tone like the refrence I showed u in the picture :llama:

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Not a request but a question… HOW THE HECK DO YOU DRAW THE HAIR SO GOOD???

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:+1: got it :grin:

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:sparkling_heart: Thank you so much. Hair is honestly the thing I spend most time on when I do a piece (and the sketching)

But to be honest. I have no freaking clue :joy:

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Hey my name is crysta, I hope your doing fine :heart: Im new to the Episode forum, it’s so hard to use tbh but I’m willing to learn…

Before requesting for a cover page I would like to say thank you for helping others not a lot of persons would do that so thanks :heart:

:unicorn:Is your cover INK or Limelight? lol
:unicorn: Is your cover Drawn or Edited? Either ways

:unicorn: detailed description of Pose? (Reference Image if you have one) I want to have a shy looking Nerdy girl sitting on a bench angry and holding books while looking at a handsome popular cool looking boy With one hands in His pocket And one hand holding his bag while Walking away with a smirk.

:unicorn:How many characters? 2 I guess

:unicorn:Character Details? Both in high school

The boy is a handsome popular bad boy loved by many girls and a muscular figure…

The girl is the opposite of the boy but rather a nerdy type girl with dignity and feisty

:unicorn:Character Outfits? Something trendy I guess… a T-shirt with wipes jeans

:unicorn: Text? Which ever you chose

:unicorn:Text Colour? Which ever you choose

unicorn:Text Font? Which ever you choose

:unicorn:Theme of the Cover (e.g. Magic, Dark, Love etc.) Love

:unicorn:Background? Outside a school with grasses and benches

:unicorn:When you need it by? Whenever your able to finish it… but it would be as soon as possible, but I won’t rush you
:unicorn:Are you okay with a small barely noticeable watermark? Yes of course and I will surely give you credits on all social platforms :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Also I wish you all the best in the future
And continue keeping being safe :heartpulse::heartpulse:


Of course!
One question though, do you have any idea on how you want the characters to look (hair colour etc.)?


Thank you :pleading_face::two_hearts:
I don’t really have a look

I would like the guy to have muscles but not too much, Faded hair and he would be in the up screen right of the screen meanwhile
The girl would be in the far back left of the screen looking at him
I just want him to look like a popular football captain all girlS would fall for in college…

And the girl would just look ordinary with glasses

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I would love to request a cover for my fantasy story!
:unicorn:Is your cover INK or Limelight: Limelight
:unicorn: Is your cover Drawn or Edited: Drawn
:unicorn: detailed description of Pose (Reference Image if you have one)

:unicorn:How many characters? 3

Character details and outfits

:unicorn: Text? (Title): Keeping up with Togwarts
:unicorn:Text Colour?: Any colour.
:unicorn:Text Font? You can use any fonts
:unicorn:Theme of the Cover (e.g. Magic, Dark, Love etc.): Fantasy, magical, wizards, witches
:unicorn:Background? You can choose x
:unicorn:When you need it by? I don’t really have a deadline but maybe in like two weeks?
:unicorn:Are you okay with a small barely noticeable watermark: yes x
Password: Women in white

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Of course :grin:

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About the title of the story sorry about that
It would be

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Its okay😂


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Hi can you please help me make an episode cover?

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If you fill out this with the details. The form is in the original post. :slightly_smiling_face:

I love your drawing :heart_eyes:

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Thank you :sparkling_heart:
I would love if you could PM me with some more details :grin:

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I’m not requesting anyhing but your examples are lit :fire::fire::fire::heart::heart::heart::heart:

(I may request someday)

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