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Thank you :sparkling_heart::two_hearts::heart:

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No need of thank you. I just stated the facts! :gift_heart::purple_heart:

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Hi, Samantha!
I’d like to request a cover for my upcoming story Tabu

Password: The Woman in White

  1. Is your cover INK or Limelight: LL
  2. Is your cover Drawn or Edited: drawn
  3. detailed description of Pose:

    so theres the pose
    it doesn’t have the be exactly the same but i’d like it to be something simmilar if u don’t mind
  4. How many characters? 2
  5. Character Details?
Character details

Body: female athletic, neutral 5
Eyebrows: arched natural, dark black
Eyes: deepest wide, silver
Nose: defined natural
Hair: long feathered, dirty blonde
Mouth: full round pouty, rose
Face: square defined

please draw freckles on her face too because episode doesn’t let me put freckles and a scar on her face together, but she has freckles
shes sassy, bossy, the original bad b1tch, but with a kind heart she doesn’t show because she doesn’t want to get hurt but she will protect a person she cares about with her own life

Character details

Body: male athletic, neutral 4
Eyebrows: straight medium, dark black
Eyes: narrow almond deep sunken, black
Nose: grecian hooked
Hair: side curls, black dark
Mouth: medium heart, medium nude
Face: square sculptured

he has a mole or a birthmark idk how u call it beside his eye, u can see it in outfit
he’s an original f*ckb0y, but has a very loyal and good heart but doesn’t show it

Character Outfits?

Text? (Title) U don’t need to put any text 'cause I already have the text so

Theme of the Cover (e.g. Magic, Dark, Love etc.): Dark and dangerous


When you need it by? I don’t have an exact date but I’m in no hurry so I dunno, 2-3 weeks.

Are you okay with a small barely noticeable watermark? Yes, I’m ok with that.

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Of course!
Thank you :sparkling_heart:

I love the pose

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Thank you❤️

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Hey, here are you base colours.

If you want anything changed before I start shading let me know.

Uncompleted ArtWork. BASE COLOURS ONLY

Sorry about the watermark in the middle. Its something I do when I haven’t yet finished a piece as a reminder to finish it. (It won’t be In your completed one)

I know it looks bad but that because there isn’t any detail or anything yet and it’s just lines and solid colours. I promise you that I have very high hopes for this piece and I know it will be amazing.


:o this is BEAUTIFUL I don’t wanna give u alot of work to do just change her nose a bit smaller and some notch eyebrows and a tattoo on her arms Uk just make her look bad ass and dont forget to put ur name at the bottem U.U you need to be Out there tysm :blob_hearts:

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Okay.:+1: I’ll definitely do that (the changes)

I’m glad you like it so far :pleading_face::sparkling_heart:

Thank you :grin:

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:unicorn:Is your cover INK or Limelight-LL
:unicorn: Is your cover Drawn or Edited-Drawn
:unicorn: detailed description of Pose (Reference Image if you have one)
If the background could be a ocean in the window that would be amazing if not perfectly fine.
:unicorn:How many characters? 1
:unicorn:Character Details?

:unicorn:Character Outfits?

Clothes Used

Heeled Laceup Boots Studs Warm Grey Blush Leather Rhinestone

Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid

Compas Rose Leg Tattoo Ink Multi Color

Diamond Cutout Strap Thin Cotton Black

Jeans Ripped Fish Net Denim Blue
:unicorn: Text? (Title) (The Constant Journey) then somewhere else
(written by: Mystic Pixie)
:unicorn:Text Colour? Black
:unicorn:Text Font? Your option , whatever looks great.
:unicorn:Theme of the Cover (e.g. Magic, Dark, Love etc.) Dark past , finding a lost love.
:unicorn:Background? I want her to be in a window seal ,or like a balcony
:unicorn:When you need it by? 2-3 weeks?
:unicorn:Are you okay with a small barely noticeable watermark?
Yes I am okay with it .
:black_circle:Password - The Woman In White

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Password: The Woman In White

Is your cover INK or Limelight: Limelight
:unicorn: Is your cover Drawn or Edited: Drawn
:unicorn: detailed description of Pose (Reference Image if you have one)


kind of like this
The boy is winking and the girl is standing with her arms crossed

:unicorn:How many characters?: 2
:unicorn:Character Details?:


Skin Rose 03
Brows: Arched Natural Scar/blackJet
Hair: Long Feathered Blunt Bangs/Chesnut Brown
Face: Diamond Defined Contour
Eyes: Angular Slender/Emerald Green
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Heart Pouty/ Red Deep Matte

Skin: Rose 06
Brows: Straight Natural Scar/blackJet
Hair: Medium Dreadlocks/blackdark
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Lidded/Brown Dark
Face: Chiseled Angular Stubble
Nose: Grecian Hooked
Lips: Full Heart Natural/Copper Deep Gloss

:unicorn:Character Outfits?:

:unicorn: Text? (Title): Famous Fued
:unicorn:Text Colour?: Your choice :slight_smile:
:unicorn:Text Font?: Also your choice :slight_smile:
:unicorn:Theme of the Cover (e.g. Magic, Dark, Love etc.): Like a Rivalry is happening


:unicorn:When you need it by?: Take your time, maybe 3-4 weeks
:unicorn:Are you okay with a small barely noticeable watermark?: Yes

I’m sorry I’m not very good at describing things, so if there is anything you are unsure about please PM me :slight_smile:


Of Course!
Thank You :grin:

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Thank You :sparkling_heart:

I love the Theme :slightly_smiling_face:

omg I forgot to add she has the Nose Bridge Studs Silver , I hope its not to late.

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It’s not, don’t worry :grin: :joy:

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awesome thank you.


No Problem :grin:

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