Same issue as before!

I made this topic before but no one replied again so here it is.

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label choosing_room
else {
@tranition fade out blue in 3

(try getting rid of the } in front of the else)

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I think you’re missing an } after your choice for the large bedroom eg

“Large bedroom {
Blah blah blah

“Next choice” {
Blah blah blah

It gave me an unexpected else error.

It’s hard to explain but i’ll try to say what I’m trying to do. It starts with 2 choices, “Claim room” or “See others”. Then you have a choice between two rooms and this is where the error is at. I’m trying to let the reader choose a choice and if they want to see the other one, it replays that part only.

Send me your script on the PM I will check it out :blush: