Same stories, different styles


The poll just reached 50 votes, and the winning option was “I support it” :llama: Thank you for voting!

Hello :grin: I’ve seen this pretty much everywhere. It’s when authors make the same stories but in different styles. I want to do this with my story, because some people like INK and hate Classic, or some like Classic and hate Limelight?

What’s your opinion on this? I would really like to know :wink: Poll time :heart: What’s your opinion on these?

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I don’t really care. If it’s a good story I don’t mind the style (unless it’s classic, sorry…)


I kinda hate this because in my mind, it seems greedy. That’s because I assume most author’s do it to maximize their reads though. HOWEVER I 100% support Galileo School of Magic for doing this because there’s so many branches and only 5 replays, so it’s actually thoughtful to make it possible for readers to play nearly every mancer type… So basically, if your story is heavily branched, then I approve. Otherwise I feel like there’s just the style that it’s in and a remake would feel like a knock off


Agreed. Wincy is doing LL versions of The Ruby Tiara and Moonlit Feathers and I will need all the replays I can get. Every LI and ending… I want to play through to it.


As an example,

@amik personally doesn’t like Classic, so she probably wouldn’t read a story that’s in classic, even if it was a good and interesting story. Here’s a reason I support this idea, if the story was limelight or ink, it would be different. She would probably read it to the end. There are probably other people out there that like Classic and don’t like INK or limelight. And there are others (like me) who don’t care about the style. But… I want my readers to enjoy the story as much as possible and having it in their favorite style would make them enjoy it even more. Everyone can like anything, and dislike anything as well.