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Of course!


Cover Form;
Title : Between us
Small and large (if possible)
Two Characters,
female - fem soft body, gold 06, round medium brow, long curls, fem generic eyes, hazel dark, diamond face, defined natural nose, full round pouty lips, rose matte.

male- Male athletic body, arched medium brow, messy curls, dark black, oval wide eyes, dark brown, chiseled square stubble shaved, button wide nose, medium heart lips, medium nude matte.

For my pose:

I want this pose from the waist up with a dark aesthetic background of your choice.



The male is gold 05*

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You should be added to the list.
I added you yesterday but fell asleep and forgot to reply :joy:


Hey I just published my story with 8 chapters for the double lift competition and I wanted to add art scenes to my story. Think you could put me on the wait list?

This is the link to my story, do check it out and let me know what you think!

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Of course!


Thank you!

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  • How many zones? (1,2,3) - 1 zone
  • Would you like it as an overlay or background? - background
  • How many characters? - 2
  • Character(s) details and/or image of characters? I added an image below of how they look.
  • Character(s) Outfit? Outfit image added below.
    *Character(s) Extras (tattoos, scars, etc,)? None.
  • Pose reference and/or description? His hand holding her waist and her back against the wall with them in a tight close up
  • Full body, knees up, thighs up, waist up, bust up, portrait? Waist up
  • Mood of the piece? Romantic intense
  • Background?



And extract from the scene :

NICK (flirt_liftchin_give_rear)

You okay? Please speak because you're scaring me!


He picked me up and placed my back up against the wall
Checking my hands, legs and face for any bruises
He brushed some dirt off my cheek and got his face in closer
I clenched my body tight and closed my eyes as my breath got heavy


In that moment my concern for her was so high I couldn't give a damn about our fights
I just wanted her to be safe
I grabbed her waist into my hand and with my other hand I held her face gently
I don't know what I would have done if something happened to her!

Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you!


Heyyy girl!!! I LOVE your art !!! :heart_eyes_cat:
Can I request an art ? :blush:

You have to make the girl hold a sword as shown in the pose …

Thank you in advance!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


Thank you!



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Of course!
Thank you!


is this art shop still active ? please tell me it is :weary:

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great can i place a request ? is there a waitlist ? i dont mind if there is i just wanna be aware

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You can place a request, but there is a wait list. I almost have the first few requests finished though so it will get shorter between today and tomorrow.


Hi guys ! I would like to request a cover for my story!

I would like it drawn

I would like it to be 1136x640 (minimum reqs for a background) because although its my cover i would also like to include it in my story as the intro !

the style is LL

my character is an exotic dancer (stripper) who is dancing to pay for her college tuition, so hopefully that’ll give you more of an understanding while you create it.

i want it to be similar to this image:

i want her to be putting on lipstick in the mirror & she’s wearing a revealing deep red bralette that has silver sparkling tassels, & her reflection to have a black graduation cap & gown. (basically as she’s getting ready to go out and perform she sees her future self graduating and her hard work will pay off)

Theres only 1 character, the MC

her hair is the short voluminous curls

her eyes are the deepset false eyelashes

eyecolor is dark hazel

nose is pointed downturned

lips is full round pouty

face shape is diamond

eyebrows is high arch angled

skin color is neutral 06

She’s african american so please make sure her skin color is correct along with her hair. its very crucial to my story line !

her outfit isnt an episode outfit, so just do the best you can !
like i listed above, i would like her to be wearing a revealing deep red bralette with sparkling silver tassels that hangs, and matching shorts that are corresponding to the brallette. if you would like to add some cute details to it please be sure to make them silver to match! also it would be nice if she had skinny diamond earrings that hang, if you need a picture let me know !

pose: i want her to be putting on a deep red lipstick while looking in the mirror. (refer to the picture i inserted above)


it doesnt have to be the exact same, if anything make the background look more like a backstage club scene but please include the mirror exactly how it is!

Story name: HU$TLE

author name: Author K

do your best, i believe you will do amazing ! sorry if its a challenge but i have this exact vision of what i wanted it to be :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


if you need anymore details or info just lmk & i’ll tell you

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Thank you!
Can I just ask the overall mood of the piece? (How is it suppose to feel? :woman_facepalming: if that makes sense… )


lol i know what mood is! i learned about it in english classes ive taken. the mood can be serious, yet calm. the genre of my story is drama, romance & comedy so hopefully that helps ?

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