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Hey! I do overlays as well as covers, splashes and custom poses. I can do Character outlines too. My services are free. Look at the rules and form to ask to for a request :slight_smile:. (If the form is not filled out correctly I will automatically decline)
1. You need to give me ALL the details of the overlay you want. (see form)
2. Do not rush me, I have a life outside of here, as well as writing my very own story. Please be patient!
3. Give the Password: Summer Lilac when asking for a request. Hide it as well.
4. DO NOT Request if your not going to use my Art, It takes a long time to do. Please don’t waste my time!
5. NO Thread Hopping
Give me credit in the beginning, end or when you decide to use my overlay. Credit me at: @episode.sammiee


What do you want? ( pfp, overlays, custom pose, etc):
How many characters:
Character Details:
Character Outfits:
Pose (reference photo):
Background or Png:
Text Color:

Drawn Character Form

•Has to be INK
•Female characters only (for now)
•Can’t be custom hair, has to be INK hairstyles
•Has to be INK clothing
Can do different color clothing

Need to provide:
Character Details:
Character Outfit:
Pose (reference photo):
Size (waist up, or waist down):

Overlays/Custom Poses




Uploading: 3F549589-F49D-4FA8-95F2-A40239194843.png… image image

Characters (Drawn)



Hi! I love your edits! Can I request a cover?
Number of Characters: Two


Skin: Tan
Brow: Medium Sharp
Hair: Cropped - Cayenne
Eyes: Deepest Piercing - Green
Face: Diamond
Nose: Button
Lips: Classic - Terracotta


Reference Photo


Text: Until Then
Other: Sofia should be idle_sad and Nathan has a concerned look on his face while reaching out. If possible, could the opacity on Nathan be turned down a bit so it looks like he’s fading?
Password: Summer Lilac
Also, what do you use to cut out you characters? They look so clean!

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Of course! I’ll get started on it :slight_smile:. It’ll be done in a day or two tops!

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Thank you, take your time!

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My bad! I didn’t answer ur question. I use ibispaint X.

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Hey. I don’t know why but the leather leggings are coming like a blue-ish gray color :frowning:

Hm, and the necklace is red for some reason. Would you like me to send you the pose?

That’s happened to me before, no idea why. Are you in the web previewer by chance?

I didn’t even notice the necklace either. If you like it. I made a “scene” so it can come in better quality.

Gotcha. Usually when I’m in the web previewer, the clothes get messed up for some reason. Like a yellow striped shirt is black and white stripes but that shirt never existed.

Really? This is the first time I experienced this.

Yeah. I would report it in glitches but it’s INK, so they probably won’t do anything about it :woman_shrugging:

Yea that’s true

I feel like your art shop is the thing I’ve been searching for for my entire life :joy:

If it’s alright can I request a few custom poses? It’s fine if its way too much

Character Details And Poses

Her Details
Body: Toffee
Brow: Thin Soft Arch
Hair: Beach Wave {Coral}
Eyes: Upturned Feline {Green}
Face: Oval
Nose: Upturned
Lips: Full Round {Taupe}

String Tank Top Chocolate
PJ Flat Socks
White See Through Shorts Olive

Punk Look Skirt
Black Ridged Moto Jacket
Small Fishnets
Wedding Sleeveless top Zinc White
Black Chelsea boots with socks


  • Sitting down with her legs up looking unamused at something (OUTFIT 1)
  • Stood tiredly and annoyed, looking at someone (OUTFIT 2)
  • Squinting her eyes in a glare at someone (OUTFIT 2)
  • Holding a spoon up with an unamused look on her face (OUTFIT 2)

Password: Summer Lilac

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Lmao :joy:, Just a heads up it’s going to take a while since you want a lot of custom poses which take a few hours to do. I also have two other people in front of you as well. It probably will take a week or less than to finish tops. Just wanted to let you know :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Do you mind sending me the pose? It’s still not working :confused:

Yup! One second, I’m not on my laptop right now, I’m making a background edit for someone.

Take your time. I’ll just do the male character right now.


That’s completely fine, great things take time anyway :gem:

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Hey I did one while I was waiting for the other 2 people to reply. Let me know if you want something changed/added :slight_smile:. Btw it’s the first pose.



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