Samsung or Iphone?

Heya! So, over a week now I have been on serious thinking about what phone I should take. Currently I have Iphone 8 Plus but I don’t really like it, and imagine I have my whole life with Apple products. My laptop, computer and watch are apple products, as well as my current phone is apple product. I have gotten bored of all the Apples product and I want to make a change, to buy an Samsung. I personally think taht iphone as a designer is awesome, nut samsung as a phone is more stable. I can’t put a poll below because I’m new here and not all features are allowed to me but write in the comments and I will let you guys to decide for me which phone to keep/take.

PS:N If you had an Iphone before and changed it to Samsung or the opposite, write to me which phone you think is best.


  • Samsung
  • IPhone

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I gotchu fam.

I really think this is just up to you, though.
It’s based on your enjoyment and entertainment, and getting other’s advice isn’t very advisable, in my opinion.

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Thanks! Welp, I know about others advices but I really wanna know other peoples experiences so I can compare and decide.

Keep in mind that some of these experiences could be biased.:wink:


what is wrong with the one you have. like i have an iphone6 it works fine. i am not gonna get a new before this one breaks


not to be rude to either of these companies but i found getting an apple ID almost IMPOSSIBLE and then i couldn’t download much cos i had to update it to 11.0 and its on 8.5 or something and in order to do that i have to connect the iphone to a desktop and do it all on apple inc or something : to sum it up, if you over think things or make simple choices “hard” for yourself , iphone wouldn’t be the 1st option :no_mouth:

with samsung , yup its much easier however not as many choices and … how do i say this… expansions??? for example you only get certain things on apple or apps may have more stuff in it on apple than samsung , sooo yeah…

but it is certainly a nice phone and the camera is decent as well as editing photos (however iphone is better- THIS PARAGRAPH IS ABOUT SAMSUNG, ROSSELLA!)

but hey its your choice so you cant blame it on me if your life is somehow ruined :wink:


Nothing is wrong with the one I have, but I have gotten bored having everything on apple product. I can afford buying both phones without a problem (I may sound rude but don’t take it that way please) so why not change if I can afford it? The only problem is that I don’t really wanna take something that I won’t like in the end, so taking other peoples opinion helps me decide <3

Well first thing you need to ask yourself is what do you want in your phone because Apple and Samsung beat each other when it comes to certain things.

Apple is good for apps. Pretty much apps for iPhones and iPads are optimized a lot better than the apps from the Play Store (Samsung). But Apple fails in customizability. You can change your wallpaper on the iPhone but that’s basically it. You can jailbreak the iPhone and do a lot more with it but I haven’t jailbroken in years so i dont know what that process is like now.

Samsung phones you can pretty much do whatever with the Android operating system. But the menu system isn’t as user friendly as the iPhones to me. If you go for the Note 9, you get a free pen if you want to do drawing if you care for that. One thing I like with my Samsung is that I can split screen my apps. So I can have YouTube running in one window and browse Facebook or text in another window.

Personally I’ve switched back and forth between Apples and Samsungs but I’ve always preferred Samsung.


I will! <3

I feel like the only annoying thing about Apple to me is they come out with a new update everyday it seems like and it restricts you from doing certain things if you don’t get it you have to pay for storage, and the accessories seem like they break easily but with Samsung because its android you won’t get everything Apple gets and the camera quality on Apple is better to me but overall I would go with Apple.


Thanks for taking some of your time to write this!


I can afford a new one to. but why spend money on something you do not need. also just so you know it is actually a pretty big step to change the company. I just got a Samsung tablet. befpre I had iPad. I had to start completely over with everything

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I have thought about what I want on my phone, and Samsung offers more. My brother has Samsung S9+ and I know about the app thing at Samsung, but I think that while using the phone you will get used to it and there won’t be any problem. My brother is very happy with Samsung, but he’s like the last person to ask for advices, especially when it comes between Apple or Samsung since he has used Samsung his whole life. Imagine, he’s that obsessed with samsung that even his kitchen stuff is samsung (refrigerator, microwave)


Yeah you definitely wanna get a second opinion if someone brand matches that much. Like I said I’ve used both. Apple and Samsung have a leg up with each other in certain things. But you can do A LOT more with Samsung phones. But if you can, see if you can wait before spending for a new phone since the S10 is coming out pretty soon.

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I get annoyed by Apple updates too and the storage thing as well. It doesn’t bother me paying for storage, but the thing that gets me more angry is that why pay for it when you have bought the phone that expensive? As for the camera, Iphone I think has better colors but Samsung has a clearer camera.

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iPhone for sure


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Samsung for sure.
Only had one Iphone ever, my samsung has lasted me far longer and is just in general a better phone considering quality for price.


I’ve never had ANY sort of Apple product ever, my family hates them :joy:


If u wanna go Android get the oneplus 6 or the google pixel 3

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