Samyang noodles

Alright my fellow Episoders and Episoderettes, who has tried these fire noodles? They have different flavours like:

  • Original

  • 2x spicy

  • Stew

  • Carbonara

  • Black bean

  • Cheesy


  • Ice

  • Mala

Which flavours did you like the best and why? I have only tried original and 2x spicy. I am willing to try different type of noodles from the category. Which ones do you recommend?

I have always wanted to try spicy noodles but I get very sever hiccups from spicy food to the point where I can’t breath =(. Do you know if any of those flavors happen to be more on the milder side?

Oh dear. They can be super spicy I tell you. I heard that if you put either cheese or egg on the noodles, it will make it less spicy. I heard that the curry flavour is the least spiciest.

Aaaah o, thanks for the tip. It’s a real shame because I love the delicious full flavor of spicy food but from what research I have done it seems to be an issue w my diaphragm.

Aw no that’s not good. Guess some people’s bodies can’t really tolerate the spice. It may hurt your bowels too. I see people eat like 5 packets of these noodles and I’m like RIP bowels.

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