Samy's Digital Art Shop 💗

WELCOME TO SAMY’S ART SHOP :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey, I’m Samy, I’m 13 and I’m trying to practice my art and need a few ideas so I decided why not just make an art shop instead.
I do Art Scenes, covers, overlays and profile pictures.
Here is all the information you need…

  1. Please be patient, I have a life too.
    2.No thread Hopping, please only request if you are certain you’re going to use it.
  2. Don’t be mean
  3. GIVE credit to me @ episode.pastelhxrt
    use this password so I know you read the rules rules read



  1. @PinkCrush
  2. @pqstiche
  3. @maddie.nicole
  4. @Diabuttan

Hi could you make me some mermaid tail overlays in different colours? Thanks and I’ll credit you. Password is rules read.

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Hi, I would like to request an art scene and I’ll credit you!
Password: rules read

Character Details

(Male Limelight Character)

  • Skin: Gold 01
  • Brow: Male Generic
  • Brow Color: Black Dark
  • Hair: Military Fade Cut
  • Hair Color: Black Jet
  • Eyes: Deepset Heavy Lid
  • Eye Color: Grey Cool
  • Face: Male Generic
  • Nose: Button Wide
  • Lips: Medium Heart
  • Lip Color: Beige Rose
  • Faded Vintage Band T Shirt Cotton Grey Cool
  • Rolled Sleeve Moto Jacket Leather Black
  • Multi Cartilage Piercing Metal Silver
  • Beaded Leather Strapped Bracelet Leather Grey Black
Reference Pose

Take your time, I don’t mind waiting :cowboy_hat_face:

BTW your artworks are gorgeous (I mean it), I’m kinda jealous :joy: :sob:

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Hey! Your artwork is gorgeous, you have so much talent!

I want to request a profile pic! I’ll be sure to credit you!


rules read

Character Details

Skin Colour: Neutral 04
Eyebrows: Arched Thin (Dark Brown)
Face: Diamond
Eyes: Generic (Dark Brown)
Hair: Wavy Ombre (Chestnut Brown)
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Small Heart (Pink Warm Matte)



Any sassy pose will do :relaxed:

Can you add the text: Maddie.nicole somewhere it doesn’t matter where.

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Hey, check your messages xx

I’d love to make you a profile picture. Can you message me please :slight_smile:

Of course! Where do you want me to message you? On instagram or on here?

Wherever you want xx

Okay whats your instagram?

@ episode.pastelhxrt

Password:rules read
Can I also get a profile picture for my character??

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I have been trying different art shops because there are just so many that are amazing! yours included :grin: are you still taking requests? x

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I have a few to do rn but I’m still taking requests, it might just take a little longer.

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Ok that’s fine, no worries about the time. Do you want me to PM you all the details? x

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Yes xx

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Okay sure thing. xxx